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In this ancient land, many powerful bosses are sealed.
Suddenly, the powerful seal began to shake.
The ancient earth trembles, the bosses have awakened.
Calamity is coming—
As a hunter, your duty is to maintain the stability of this world.
Pick up the weapon in your hand and fight against the bosses.


 This modpack has different styles, such as:

  • ✔️exploration - 100+ biomes, dozens of structures and dungeons;
  • ✔️profession - 30+profession;
  • ✔️nomadism - backpacks, bags, sleeping bag;
  • ✔️building - tons of new construction blocks and decorations;
  • ✔️farming - new crops and trees;
  • ✔️magic - a little magical magic;
  • ✔️bosses - more than five new bosses;
  • ✔️technology - basic processing and automation and more powerful devices
  • ✔️medieval - More medieval soldiers;
  • ✔️end - activate End Portal requires eleven kinds from Eye of Ender from different regions.
  • ✔️music - Great medieval music!


Elements of the pack:

⚔️ Roguelike

  • more interesting profession
  • large amount of new hostile
  • new different trinkets
  • the difficulty will grow, mobs will become more powerful;
  • more interesting magic.

🗺️ Adventures

  • new dimensions: the Bumblezone;
  • new End Portal and Eye of Ender;
  • more new structures;
  • better treasure map;
  • more cool bosses
  • better End and Nether.

 🏰 Dungeons

  • underground and flying villages
  • new dungeons and structures;





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