Modern Industrialization

1,287 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Requires Fabric API

This mod requires Fabric, and no port to Forge is planned!

WARNING: Install the latest version of REI or some recipes might not show correctly!

Don't forget to install Patchouli for the guide book! (it's called "Modern Industrialization" in game)


 Modern Industrialization is a standalone tech mod, where the ultimate objective is total automation. Have machines generate and process all your resources while you are flying around doing anything you could possibly dream of! Of course, there is a long way to go before getting there. Can you do it?


Modern Industrialization is not yet finished, but it currently provides:

  • Multipart Item and Fluid pipes
  • Steam-powered machines
  • A Quarry that can generate ores for you
  • Electric machines and multipart Cables
  • Oil processing
  • A jetpack
  • And much more Coming Soon™


To get started, right-click one of the ores of the mod with a book, and you will receive a copy of the guide book.

You can also use this recipe directly (it works with any copper).

guide book recipe


Install Roughly Enough Items and Patchouli for a better experience, playing without the crafting guide and the guide book respectively is nearly impossible.


WARNING: Modern Industrialization is still in beta status. Backup your worlds regularly!

Question: Is this GregTech?

Answer: MI is inspired by GregTech, but we have removed all the tedious parts, and we are going in our own direction.

Question: What exactly are the differences with GregTech?


  • MI doesn't and will never change the way Minecraft works. No nerfing or changing of recipes, same ore generation as vanilla (small patches of ores), ...
  • MI doesn't have the annoying crafting tools. No need to craft a new hammer/wrench/file/mortar/... every 20 recipes.
  • MI has a very powerful pipe system that allows you to automate your setups very early. No need to grind for hours without any automation.
  • MI is very resource-hungry, but you'll get a quarry very early that will entirely remove your need for mining if you care to automate it.
  • MI doesn't have 10 tiers of every possible machine, instead it uses an original overclock system allowing multiblocks to reach 1 craft / tick provided you have enough energy.



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