Advancement Plaques [Fabric]

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This is the Fabric version of the mod, if you're looking for Forge click here.


Replace those boring, anti-climactic advancement popups with fancy glowing plaques.



This mod requires Iceberg, you can download it here.

Versions for Minecraft 1.18.2+ require Forge Config API Port, which you can download here.

Older versions require Cloth Config API which you can download here.


Client / Server

This mod is fully client-side.



Can be configured to display plaques for any or all of the three advancement types (Task / Goal / Challenge), or to display on the top or bottom of the screen.  The distance from the top or bottom of the screen is also configurable.  If you'd like plaques to only show for select advancements, you can provide a list of advancement IDs with the whitelist configuration option.



The appearance of the plaques can be customized with resource packs.  See Embellished Stone (Advancement Plaques) for an example.



Works with any advancements, even ones added by other mods and fully compatible with Toast Manager (since version 1.4.6).  Other mods that affect advancement popups may not work, let me know if you run into compatibility issues!


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


Problems, feature request, something else?  Join us on Discord!