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CraftTweaker is a continuation of Minetweaker3 by StanH. CraftTweaker is updated for the latest Minecraft versions and is is currently being updated unlike the original Minetweaker3 mod by StanH which can be found here: Curse or on Github


Currently, all the information that is on the Minetweaker3 wiki applies to CraftTweaker 

MineTweaker allows you to customize your modpack or server with a simple scripting language. With a few instructions, you can add or remove recipes, change mod recipes, alter names, change furnace recipes, the ore dictionary, tooltips and many other things.

MineTweaker is often used to fix conflicting recipes and make recipes from different mods interact and balance with each other better. 


more about MineTweaker here . The wiki can be found here.


The wiki for CraftTweaker can be found here


The version logic goes based on the minetweaker api, it is currently on version 3, therefore my major version is 3


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