Simple Backpack [FABRIC]

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One size backpack (54 slot).  No tiers, no keybind, no dye, no placing in chest slot or on the ground, no Trinket slot.  Just a "simple" backpack that can be made in early game.

- Simple Backpack with 54 slots
- Void pack, basically a portable garbage chest, items deleted when GUI is closed
- Ender pack for  portable access to the player's enderchest
- Simple Bundle, similar to the vanilla bundle but with much greater capacity
- Void Bundle, its a bundle but for garbage
- Plus a Portable Crafting Table, for quick crafting on the go
NOTE: For safety reasons, backpacks cannot be placed into backpacks or void packs.  Shulker Boxes cannot be put into Backpacks to prevent infinite storage

NOTE: Any vanilla wool will work in recipes

Backpack (storage):

Ender Pack (ender storage):

Void Pack (trash):

Portable Crafting Table - a crafting table in your hand

Simple Bundles

Simple Bundle:

Void Bundle (trash):

 WARNING: Anything put into the Void Pack will be deleted when you close the GUI, be careful.  Backpacks, EnderPacks, and VoidPacks cannot be put into a VoidPack for safety reasons.