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Blockus is a 1.16.5 mod made using Fabric API. It adds some blocks of several types.


Most of the blocks require a stonecutter to make them. I recommend the use of a mod like Roughly Enough Items (REI) for all recipes.


Some added blocks :

  • Marble, Limestone & Bluestone
  • White Oak, Bamboo & Charred Planks
  • Large Flower Pots
  • Lava, Magma, Water, Blaze, Soaked Bricks & more
  • Soul Sandstone
  • Teal & Charred Nether Bricks
  • Colored Tiles
  • Stained Stone Bricks
  • Colored Redstone Lamps
  • Beveled Glass
  • Patterned Wools
  • Futurneo Blocks
  • Asphalt that makes you go very fast
  • Redstone Sand
  • Paper Block, Wall and Lamp
  • Small Hedges
  • Rainbow Blocks
  • Food Crates
  • Legacy Blocks


Naturally generated things in 2.1.0+1.16.5

  • Limestone is generated in stone between y = 120 & y = 25
  • Marble is generated in stone below y = 75
  • Bluestone is generated in stone below y = 25
  • White Oak Trees are generated in Forest, Wooded Hills & Flower Forest biomes
  • White Oak Trees are rarely generated in all Plains category biomes


Naturally generated things actually planned for 1.17

  • Limestone generated in stone between y = 128 & y = 32
  • Marble generated in stone between y = 75 &  y = 0
  • Bluestone generated in deepslate below y = 0



A Forge version of the mod is currently not planned


Blockus Update 2.1.0


- Added Concrete Bricks, Concrete Pillars and Chiseled Concrete in 16 colors

- Added Single-color Colored Tiles with all 16 colors

- Added Gray & Light Gray Colored Tiles

- Added Colored Tiles with any color and white

- Added Polished Basalt Bricks (+ Slab/Stairs/Wall), Cracked Polished Basalt BricksPolished Basalt Pillar and Chiseled Polished Basalt

- Added Polished Basalt Pressure Plate and Button

- Added Blackstone Door and Trapdoor

- Added Chiseled Dark Prismarine and Dark Prismarine Pillar

- Added Block of Charcoal

  - Fire burn indefinitly on it

- Added Phantom Purpur Blocks variants

  - Fire turns into Soul Fire on them

- Added Purpur Bricks and Bluestone Bricks Stairs, Slab and Wall

- Added Polished Endstone Stairs and Slab

- Added Legacy Glowstone from alpha 1.2.0 in 2010

- Added Legacy Block of Coal from 2.0 april fool in 2013

- Added Legacy Grass Block and Cobblestone when the game was called "Cave Game"

- Added Large Potted Cactus and Large Potted Bamboo

- Two-colors Colored Tiles are now orientable

   - Removed colored tiles textures (Except rainbow one) in favor of new model with separated tiles textures of each colors.

- Changed outdated bamboo door item texture.

- Removed recrafting recipes

- Grass Block, Dirt, Podzol, Mycelium and Coarse Dirt can no longer be composted

- White Oak Leaves and Legacy Leaves texture now use tint to avoid some problems

- Stained Beveled Glass [pane] now can be crafted using dye and Beveled Glass [pane]

- Shingles are now in nether bricks sound category

- Replaced minecraft:flammable_planks with c:planks_that_burn tag

- Astromine and Expanded Storage barrels compatibility tags

- Consistency names for Block of Nether Star, Block of Rotten Flesh, Legacy Block of Iron, Legacy Block of Gold, Legacy Block of Diamond and Legacy Block of Lapis Lazuli

- Fixed leaves and glass blocks transparency when inside

- Fixed some inconsistent/missing recipes

- Fixed Small Hedge inventory model

- Added british translation by NinjaPhenix

- New mod icon



Thanks to :

Mods inspirations:

  • "Quark" by Vazkii
  • "Chisel" by tterrag1098, Drullkus & Minecreatr
  • "Ceramics" by KnightMiner (Rainbow Bricks)


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