Better Animals Plus

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Better Animals Plus


Breathing new life into your worlds



Better Animals Plus is envisioned as a companion mod to Better Animals, but can fully work on its own. BA+ seeks to bring new life and creatures to your worlds, all with a unique flare and aesthetic compared to similar mods. BA+ adds many passive mobs, hostile mobs, and even a miniboss. Though animals is not where BA+ ends. There is more to it than it seems...


Better Animals Plus adds a variety of animals and mobs to create an immersive gameplay experience.



Check out this video from Ulandos on the mod (version 5.0.1)!



Content List:


Peaceful Animals
  • Deer
  • Lammergeier
  • Pheasant
  • Reindeer
  • Squirrel
  • Songbird
  • Nautilus
  • Horseshoe Crab
Neutral Animals
Hostile Animals

Blocks and Items


  • Hand of Fate
  • Deer Head
  • Wolf Head
  • Fox Head
  • Reindeer Head
  • Boar Head
  • Trillium
  • Hirschgeist Skull


  • Antler
  • Goat Cheese
  • Goat Milk
  • Hirschgeist Skull (Wearable)
  • Cooked Pheasant
  • Raw Pheasant
  • Cooked Venison
  • Raw Venison
  • Raw Crab Meat
  • Cooked Crab Meat
  • Boar Head
  • Deer Head
  • Reindeer Head
  • Fox Head
  • Bear Head
  • Wolf Head
  • Coyote Head
  • Wolf Cape
  • Bear Cape
  • Hirschgeist Skull
  • Bear Skin
  • Wolf Pelt




Better Animals Plus is in 12 languages! These translations may be out of date due to recent updates. Here's a list:

  • Arabic (by MicroDroid) Out of Date عربى
  • German (by ekrempel)  Deutsche
  • Esperanto (by its_meow) Esperanto
  • English (by its_meow)
  • Spanish (by its_meow and ikerleon02) Español
  • French (by slabruyere)  Français
  • Japanese (by B_Wither) 日本人
  • Portuguese (by alexaldr) Português
  • Russian (by kellixon) pусский
  • Chinese (Traditional) (by han880805) Out of Date 繁體中文
  • Chinese (Simplified) (by han880805) Out of Date 简体中文
  • Hungarian (by asdCsikkerasd) Magyar


Have a language you'd like to contribute? Find or create an issue on our GitHub (see issues tab above) and we'll give you information on how to contribute.


Additional Information


Questions: Check the FAQ, Ask in our Discord, or check out the rest of the Wiki!

Our discord:

Track planned features and development progress on our Trello!


Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a collection of frequently asked questions.

Can I/How can I tame the animals?

Here is a list of tameable mobs and how to tame them:

Lammergeier: Bone (anytime)

Coyote: Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Raw Pheasant, Cooked Rabbit, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Pheasant (during daytime)

Fox: Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Raw Pheasant, Cooked Rabbit, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Pheasant (anytime)

Feral Wolf: Bone (anytime, must be wearing ender dragon or hirschgeist head)

Goat:  The goat is not tameable in the traditional sense (attacking it will cause it to retaliate!) but feeding it any sort of animal foods (wheat, carrots, apples, etc.) will cause it to become "friends" with you and protect you if you are attacked.


What is the use of the Hand Of Fate?

The Hand Of Fate is a block used to spawn the Hirschgeist and as lighting.

It can be lit on fire with flint and steel and put out with sand or a water bucket.


How do I spawn the Hirschgeist?

The Hirschgeist can be found rarely in Forests or it can be spawned with the Hand Of Fate.

How to use the Hand Of Fate to spawn it:

Fungus from the Nether;

and the remains of the Deer;

will summon the Hirschgeist from its world to here.


What do Trillium do?

Trillium serve as a decorative item, like any flower in the game.


I can't hurt the Hirschgeist, it won't attack me, and there's no ghost part?

The Hirschgeist will only attack during the nighttime.

If you are using version 1.0.0 and it will not happen during nighttime, update to 1.1.0 or use /time set 13000.


How do I craft Goat Cheese?

Goat Cheese can be crafted by using one bucket of goat milk (use a bucket on a goat in survival mode) and any type of mushroom (red or brown) in any configuration in the crafting table. For this, you will receive three goat cheese. See Goat for more info.



cybercat5555: Art, Modeling, Texturing, Design

its_meow: Programming, AI, Functionality



The assets (textures, models) in Better Animals Plus are reserved to Cybercat5555, and cannot be reused or recreated without permission, unless within fair use. The source and binaries (jars) are licensed under the CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 IPL (see "License" above).


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