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Colormatic is an independent implementation that is resource-pack-compatible with the original Custom Colors mod for Minecraft on Fabric. It is fully compatible with resource packs that use Optifine's custom colors feature. Colormatic sports almost all features of the original Custom Colors mod and adds a few of its own. Features include


  • - Biome colormaps for water, foliage, underwater, underlava, sky, and fog
  • - Custom biome colormaps for any block
  • - Custom lightmaps for any dimension (including datapack dimensions)
  • - Custom dye colors
  • - Custom chat colors

Colormatic supports loading resource packs with Optifine custom colors files as-is. It also supports (and prefers) loading equivalent json format files from the colormatic namespace.


Note: Colormatic does not itself add any custom colors to Minecraft. It simply provides the capability for resource packs to add custom colors.


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