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Cool, 2M downloads.


A library of helpful features that are used in some mods


This mod includes helpful features and hooks that can be interacted with the API


SkipPotion API, allows you to remove a potion from the creative inventory (will not remove the brewing recipe)

RemoveTippedArrow API, allows you to remove tipped arrows' recipes from the crafting table (in case you don't want tipped arrows for your potion)


PLEASE NOTE! This mod is bundled with Goblin Traders (Fabric)! You don't have to download it to make it work Well, this is awkward.


ThonkUtil Discord:


You may not redistribute this mod outside of CurseForge modpacks unless otherwise noted, the only safe places to download this mod are and



Q: Is Java 18 supported.

A: Only Java 17 is supported but Java 18 might work.


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