Expert Armor [Fabric | Forge]




In the enchanting world of Minecraft, where crafting is both an art and a science, a new mod has emerged to challenge the very essence of armor creation.

'Expert Armor,' they call it, where the craft of donning protective gear takes on a twist of elegance and complexity.

No longer a simple affair, crafting armor now demands not just ingenuity but expertise.

The Expert Armor mod introduces the notion of armor plates—mysterious and coveted, they require the skill of a master crafter to incorporate into your protective gear.

These plates turn ordinary armor into masterpieces, but at a price.

Prepare to delve deeper into the world of crafting, as 'Expert Armor' turns every piece of armor into a journey of skill, dedication, and triumph.




Its far too easy to obtain Iron armor on day 1, and within 2-3 days full diamond. 

The mod adds a craft-able plate for each vanilla armor + compatible modded armor

This changes the requirement for a full set of armor to cost 48 rather than 24 of the respective material.


For example

1 diamond plate = 4 diamonds


The diamond plate takes place of the diamond in the vanilla recipe.


All plates can be converted back by placing in either player crafting square or crafting table.

Vanilla recipe unlock achievements all amended to suit.