Expert Armor [Fabric]

24,211 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +3

A FABRIC Mod to slow down the armor progression game.

Required on both client & server.

Consider pairing this with my Expert Weapons mod which adds a more engaging method of crafting weapons & tools


1.2 Update - Netherite Added, Cost reduced on all armor recipes, feedback showed 96 was too harsh.
1.3 Update - just few minor fixes.
1.4 Update - Added mod compatibility for : Tech Reborn, Mythic Metals, Gobber2 ! (config to come next release)
1.5 Update - Fixed Gobber2 Armor Plate recipe (SORRY!), compressed textures

1.6 Update - Fixed Mythic Metals compat not working.

1.7 Update - Compatibility for Advanced Netherite, Aether Reborn, Better End, Better Nether, Botania, Copper Equipment, Dragon Loot, ValleyCraft

1.7.5 Update - Compatibility for Amethystequipment, Boneequipment, Dirtmonds



Its far too easy to obtain Iron armor on day 1, and within 2-3 days full diamond. 

The mod adds a craft-able plate for each vanilla armor + compatible modded

This changes the requirement for a full set of armor to cost 48 rather than 24 of the respective material. (or 8 for smithing recipes)


For example

1 diamond plate = 4 diamonds

X _ X
_ _ _
X _ X


The diamond plate takes place of the diamond in the vanilla recipe (see below)

 All plates can be converted back by placing in either player crafting square or crafting table.


Vanilla recipe unlock achievements all amended to suit.




ps. Thanks to Grend for helping me get started because i'm a noob!


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