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Requires Fabric API


A Fabric mod which adds dynamic lights to the game.


đź“– What's this mod?

It's dark outside, very dark... You can't see a lot in the darkness, you wished you had a torch, or a lantern to hold and see in the light...

And this is possible with this mod as it adds dynamic lights to the game. Now you will be able to see in the darkness thanks to your torch!

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âś… Features:

  • Dynamic lights.
  • Settings to select how smooth the dynamic lighting is.
  • Works with some modded items.
  • Any entity holding an item which emits light will emit light!
  • Magma cubes emit light.
  • Spectral arrows emit light.
  • Burning entities emit light.
  • Blazes emit light.
  • Some items like torches, soul torches, etc. will not light up in water.
  • Quick and simple API for developers.
  • And more!


đź“– Usage

To use this mod it's very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Fabric API and ModMenu, (and Sodium if wanted for better performances).

You will notice nothing at first but if you go into the video options or into the settings screen of the mod via modmenu, you will notice an option called Dynamic Lights which is by default off, choose the wanted configuration and enjoy!


Need help? Come check out my Discord server.


đź“– Compatibility

  •  Sodium is recommended for better performances.
  •  Canvas is compatible but still WIP: expect huge lag spike with it until a proper lighting API is done in Canvas.
  •  OptiFabric is obviously incompatible.


Help! It lags in 1.17-1.18!


To address the lag complaints:

The way this mod works is it basically requires the affected chunks to be rebuilt (aka, the geometry must be redone and sent to the GPU), the issue is rebuilding a chunk is performance heavy, and with 1.17/1.18, things kind of got worse.
OptiFine gets partially around that issue by doing stuff to the renderer. Which this mod cannot do.


So, what are the possible fixes?

Either try with Sodium (with deferred chunk updates), if it's still poor performances, well I don't really know what can be achieved. There's another possible fix that I need to try out, but I cannot guarantee it to solve the issue.

The other solution is to rewrite partially the mod to use a shader approach, this takes time, and is not guaranteed to be compatible with other mods.
And, surprise, I'm short on time, and honestly, a shader approach is really hard. It adds a lot of technical difficulties.

The mod has been lately optimized again, but it's a bit hopeless at this point, and I cannot guarantee that I will ever work on the shader approach.

If you know how to make this mod faster, do not hesitate to go on GitHub, open an issue/pull request. This mod is open-source and for a reason: to encourage contributions.
That's something mods like OptiFine cannot take advantage from due to their closed-sourceness, I made it open-source so if I'm unavailable, or missing technical knowledge, it's still possible to improve it and update it.


Also to CurseForge specifically: please fix the comment section on this project, I cannot reply without using the dev tools, this is unacceptable, it's been months and I'm tired.
And when I want to post a comment with useful information, it gets marked as spam. What in hell am I supposed to do now?
Congrats, now I have to edit the description, which is awful since it looses all timestamping. I am disappointed.


Please, when you write the name of this mod, don't add spaces.