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This mod allows for most entities to have their size changed, either enlarging or shrinking them.

It also provides an API that other mods can make use of to manipulate the size of entities and the time it takes for their size to change.


The Fabric version is the actively supported version and will receive features, updates, and fixes first. The Forge version is not supported as actively.

For the Fabric version, the most recently released jar can be used on 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.5, and 1.17.1.
For the Forge version, the most recently released jar can be used on 1.16.5 only.


Removing this mod will revert entities back to their normal size. Adding it back in will not restore their size.


If you have no mods that add ways to rescale entities, you can modify and view the scale and scaling delay of an entity in-game using the /scale command:

/scale set <value> [entity]

/scale set <scale_type> <value> [entity]

/scale <add|subtract|multiply|divide> <value> [entity]

/scale <add|subtract|multiply|divide> <scale_type> <value> [entity]

/scale get [entity]

/scale get <scale_type> [entity]

/scale compute <scale_type> [entity]

/scale delay set <ticks> [entity]

/scale delay set <scale_type> <ticks> [entity]

/scale delay get [entity]

/scale delay get <scale_type> [entity]

/scale reset [entity]

/scale reset <scale_type> [entity]


If you want your player's scale to persist after you respawn, there's a /scale subcommand for that as well:

/scale persist set <true|false> [entity]

/scale persist set <scale_type> <true|false> [entity]

/scale persist get <scale_type> [entity]

/scale persist reset [entity]

/scale persist reset <scale_type> [entity]


The following scale types are added by default:

pehkui:base: Generic scale type for easily affecting other scales

pehkui:height: Modifies height (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:hitbox_height: Modifies height of an entity's hitbox (affected by pehkui:width)

pehkui:model_height: Modifies height of an entity's model (affected by pehkui:width)

pehkui:width: Modifies width/length/depth (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:hitbox_width: Modifies width/length/depth of an entity's hitbox (affected by pehkui:height)

pehkui:model_width: Modifies width/length/depth of an entity's model (affected by pehkui:height)

pehkui:motion: Modifies movement speed (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:step_height: Modifies step height (affected by pehkui:motion)

pehkui:view_bobbing: Modifies view bobbing (affected by pehkui:motion)

pehkui:fall_damage: Modifies fall damage (affected by pehkui:motion)

pehkui:reach: Modifies player reach distance (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:drops: Modifies the scale of dropped items (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:projectiles: Modifies the scale of thrown/shot projectiles (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:explosions: Modifies the size of the entity's explosion (e.g. Creepers, End Crystals) (affected by pehkui:base)

pehkui:attack: Modifies damage dealt

pehkui:defense: Modifies damage taken

pehkui:health: Modifies an entity's health


Lists of known issues to do with entities at different scales can be found at the links below:

Please post new issues on the issue tracker on GitHub and not in the comments.


Feel free to use it in any modpacks.


This mod should NOT be reposted to any mod rehosting websites UNLESS no files are copied over and the download is linked back to CurseForge.



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