Bosses of Mass Destruction

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Are you looking to add some more exciting boss fights to your world?
The aim of this mod is to create epic endgame boss fights.


Right now, this mod has four bosses.

  • Night Lich, found in rare towers in cold biomes. Locate the towers by following soul stars.
  • Obsidilith, which appears in rare structures in the end islands.
  • Nether Gauntlet, which appears in rare structures in the nether. 
  • Void Blossom, appears in rare caves at the bottom of the world. Void lilies will point the way.
  • They can be accessed in creative via the /summon command.


Showcase by bstylia14

Showcase in Dutch by De Verloren Gamer

Showcase by ChronoFury

Showcase by CyberWorld


Dev Roadmap



Can you port this mod to Forge or an older Minecraft version?

  • I will not, but anyone else may do so.



Installed like any regular fabric mod with dependencies below.

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