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Additional Additions | Fabric





Use them to climb upwards and downwards with ease.

Copper Patina

Get it by scraping off the oxidation layer from copper! Use it for building, redstone, and more.


Rotates the blocks! You can put it into a Dispenser to rotate blocks automatically.

Rose Gold

A new alloy of Gold and Copper craftable with 4 gold and 4 copper ingots. Upgrade Iron items on a Smithing Table with Rose Gold Alloys!

On 1.20 and after, you will need a Rose Gold Upgrade. You can find them in various dungeons, such as mineshafts, underwater ruins, pillager outposts, and shipwrecks.

Crossbow with Spyglass

Zoom onto your target using Shift!


A new Crossbow enchantment, increasing it's accuracy.


A new Boots enchantment, making the player faster!

Watering Can

Water your crops to make them grow faster!

New Foods

New Food Items, including Sweet Berry Pie, Fried Egg, and Honeyed Apple!

Amethyst Lamp

Doesn't light up the area, but decreases mob spawning in a radius of 8 blocks!

Trident Shard

 Craft a Trident with them. Dropped from Elder Guardians.

Glow Sticks

Throw them to light up the area

Mysterious Bag

Buy it from a Wandering Trader, open it and get random items!

Gilded Netherite

Upgrade your Netherite items with Gold Rings. Higher enchantability, and piglins won't attack you!

On 1.20 and after, you will need a Gilded Netherite Upgrade. You can find them in Ruined Portal chests.

Gold Ring

Used to craft Gilded Netherite. Obtain it by bartering with piglins!

Pocket Jukebox

Listen to your favorite music on the go! Use it like a bundle. Right click it with a music disc in the inventory to put it in, right click with an empty cursor to take it out.

Depth Meter

Measure your depth!

Music Discs

Music Discs are not copyright protected

Listen to 3 new music discs!

And some smaller things:

  • Compostable Rotten Flesh
  • Powered Rails are craftable using Copper ingots
  • Bundles are now craftable!
  • You'll glow when eating a glow berry
  • Haste potions are now brewable!
  • Spyglass spawns in shipwrecks
  • Noteblocks play amethyst sounds on amethyst blocks
  • Have fun with 10 new advancements!
  • Don't like something? Just disable it in the config!

More soon!

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Configuration file is located in the "config" folder. It is named "additional-additions-config.json".

Turn off and on any features you want!

See more information on the wiki







Textures: MorganFreeguy | MF#1861, Avila27, houlstycraft

Music Discs: adoghr

Korean Translations: aresociety

Chinese Translations: zrll12, wdnmdyaya, Grape reprint

German Translations: DerTwitchLappen, ChromexUnderscore 

Romanian Translations: Mira047

Spanish Translations: kxkxrxtx

Polish Translations: JustAnUmbreon (she/her)#4077

Portuguese Translations: Alyson

Vietnamese Translations: baooduy

Indonesian Translations: nzuliaf

Czech Translations: WolfBone4545



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