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489,171 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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A client mod that adds fireflies and various glow-in-the-dark ambient particles to your world.

lluminations is a client-sided Minecraft Fabric mod that adds multiple ambient particles in order to make your world more enjoyable at night or in dark places, such as fireflies, glowworms and more! For more information, check the wiki.

Looking for something similar for Forge 1.12? Check out Lumen.

Supporting LGBT rights ever since 1.1!

New cosmetics added for donators: Chorus aura and crown, and cursed-themed crowns! To know more about auras and donations, please check here. To see all cosmetics check here.




Can I include this mod in a modpack?

Yes: You can. Go ahead, don't bother asking. Please however provide credit and a link to either the GitHub repository or Curse Forge project page.

Can I use this mod on a vanilla server?

Yes: If you have installed this mod on your Minecraft client, you will be able to connect to vanilla Minecraft servers and the ambient illuminations will work as intended.

Are cosmetics visible to other players?

Yes: If the player has the mod installed on their client, all your cosmetics will be visible to them, just like theirs will be visible to you.

How to get an aura?

Auras are currently only available to donators, more information here.

I want to change my cosmetics / the color of my prismatic auras / disable it, what do I do?

If you have donated multiple times, you may have multiple auras and may want to select a specific one. Or you may just simply want to change your prismatic color or disable your aura. You can do all this via the Illuminations dashboard with no restrictions whatsoever.



If you have any questions, propositions or ideas, please submit them in the Minecraft Curse Forge Project page comment section! Or, you could...

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