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Terrarian Slimes

Terrarian Slimes

A mod strongly inspired by Terraria, that aims to add new slimes and useful items to the game.


This mod adds a bunch of slimes inspired by Terraria. Most of the slimes drop gel, which can be used to craft torches, slime balls, slime blocks, and a few other things.

Some slimes can have special gifts inside of them that will drop when they're killed.

You can see most of the slimes and where they can spawn below this.


Surface Slimes



These are the slimes you'll see on any grass surface of your world.

You will find the Green Slime, Blue Slime, and Pinky in this category.


Far Surface Slimes



The only slime in this category is the Purple Slime. It's stronger than the Green and Blue ones and only spawns at least 400 blocks away from the world's spawn point.


Rainy Surface Slimes



The only slime in this category is the Umbrella Slime. It's stronger than the Green and Blue ones and only spawns when it's raining. They might drop their umbrellas when killed.


Underground & Caverns Slimes



These slimes are harder to find and to defeat! They only spawn under the surface and present a challenge to those who like to explore caves without proper gear.

You will find the Red Slime, Yellow Slime, Black Slime, Mother Slime, and Baby Slime in this category.


Biome Slimes



These are slimes that only spawn in specific biomes/temperatures.

You'll find the Jungle Slime (and its spiked variant), Sand Slime, and Ice Slime (and its spiked variant) in this category.


Hell Slimes



The hell slimes are the slimes that only spawn in the Nether dimension. They're vastly stronger than the overworld ones and present a real challenge even to geared-up players. Be careful around them.

You'll find the Lava Slime, Crimslime, Corrupt Slime, and Slimeling in this category.


End Slimes



The end slimes are the strongest ones in the mod. They can easily kill players with a full Netherite set and move very fast. It's recommended the usage of ranged weapons when killing them. The only slimes in this category are the Illuminant Slime and the Rainbow Slime.


King Slime



The King Slime is a boss added by the mod. It can only be summoned through its crown which can be crafted by the player.

When killed, the king will drop a special slime ball which can be used to craft the Royal Gel, which makes all slimes peaceful towards the players who hold it.


Miscellaneous Items


This mod adds a bunch of cool throwables and other items inspired by Terraria, but I'll not spoil them in this post, download the mod to find out!




I strongly advise the usage of a mod like RoughlyEnoughItems for viewing recipes.


Other information


For bug reporting please proceed to the mod's GitHub repository:

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to call me on Discord @D4rk#0693
You can find me in the Cafeteria Development guild.