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“I am no longer interested in modding.”

Hwyla is 🦀!!1 Now how the hell I can play Minecraft??!!1!
Don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, I got you covered!

Introducing WTHIT - a fork of Hwyla by TehNut, which is a fork of Waila by ProfMobius

WTHIT is a mod that adds an ingame tooltip with information about what block (or fluid) the player is looking at.

It also has an API for other mod to add more info about their blocks.

Does WTHIT work with plugin X?
    Of course, although make sure to use Fabric Loader 0.11+.

Does it work with [insert minor version]?
    Probably. The thing on brackets for every release is the version WTHIT compiled on.
    It should work with any minor version if you want for some reason (like bruh just update)

it's A CLiEnt OnlY mod
    It's not. While some simpler feature may work in client only, more advanced stuff requires a server that has it installed.
    Feature that requires accessing NBT data (eg. inventory content) probably needs wthit on the server.

foRGe wHEN LmaO?
    Here, now shut

Plz rENAmE
    No. Now that I think about it, "The hell I'm looking at" would work better :/. Well fuck.


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