Mod Menu


We recommend Modrinth for a better browsing experience.

Adds a screen for viewing a list of installed mods.

  • The menu is searchable and sortable, libraries can be hidden.
  • Client-side and API mods are marked with a special badge in the list.
  • When clicking a mod in the list, its homepage, issues link and description are displayed.
  • The mod details page also lets the user configure the mod, if available (can be disabled for modpacks via config). 

Mod Menu requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API*

Check out the Terraformers Discord Server to chat about Mod Menu and other Fabric mods!

Visit the Mod Menu Wiki to learn more about the features 


*Mod Menu includes the one Fabric API module that it depends on, Fabric Resource Loader (v0). This does not need to be installed separately.


You can view the features more in-depth on the Mod Menu wiki.


If you are a developer and would like to see what metadata Mod Menu will make use of, how to add Library or Client-side only badges to your mod, or how to make your Config screens accessible via Mod Menu, check out the API documentation on the Mod Menu wiki.

Mod Menu is a mod for Fabric, and there are no plans to port this mod to Forge.