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WI Zoom (Wurst-Imperium Zoom)

The zoom from the Wurst Client as a standalone mod.


NOTE: Do not install this if you have the Wurst Client. This is already included in Wurst and having it twice will crash the game.



  • Up to 50x zoom!
  • No spyglass needed!
  • Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel!
  • No wobbly camera nonsense!
  • Dynamic mouse sensitivity! (since v1.1)
  • Fully compatible with OptiFine / Sodium!
  • Recommended by the one and only Modmuss50!


How To Use

Hold down the V key to activate the zoom (this keybind can be changed).
While zooming, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in further.


How To Change The Keybind


Supported Languages

  • English
  • German
  • Russian (since v1.3)


Will you add Forge support?

Aside from the 1.12.2 Forge version that already exists, no. A modern Forge version is not being considered due to Forge's new CoreMod policy (effective since 1.13) as well as issues with the Forge community's treatment of modders.

However, the experimental Patchwork project can sometimes make Forge mods and Fabric mods work together. Depending on which other mods you use, this might work with WI Zoom.

Also, keep in mind that many former Forge mods now have Fabric versions (or have switched to Fabric entirely due to the above-mentioned issues).


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