So I heard you were talking crap about Minecraft's difficulty?

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NO PORT TO FORGE PLANNED! (but feel free to port it by yourself and link it)

The mod is fully configurable to enable only changes that you like


This mod aims to increase Minecraft's difficulty. Basically, almost every hostile mob has been reworked, from small changes to huge ones. Some of them are inspired by the Bedrock edition, which is a bit different (and often harder) than the Java one. There are now also a few achievements to make the experience even funnier!

Although we've changed almost every mob already, feel free to ask for new features or changes in the GitHub or the Discord. Indeed, don't hesitate to share your experience and tell me if you think I should tweak anything to make the experience even better =)

This is a short description, full description below.
More detailed information available on the Wiki.


  • Does it work on a server? Yes, it works on a server. File needed for both client and server for full functionalities. Can be server-side only if you deactivate some features (exhaustive list coming)

  • Can I include it in my modpack? Yes, you are free to include this mod into your modpack

  • For any other things: Feel free to share your experience, problems, enhancement ideas in the Discord server, or directly creating issues on the GitHub

Full description


  • Mobs that have a flee entity goal don't flee if the entity has less than half health
  • Most hostile mobs are now hostile to villagers
  • Mobs riding others path find with the accumulated dimension to avoid going through blocks


Arthropods General

  • Don't get fall damage
  • Larvae spawn with a bonus speed depending on local difficulty

Spiders General

  • Adults can spit webs at targets that spawn a messy cobweb on collision with an entity


  • Can spawn other weaker spiders on death, their number depends on local difficulty
    • Weaker spiders are babies that deal half damage and have half health

Cave spider

  • Can spawn other weaker spiders on death, their number depends on local difficulty
    • Weaker spiders are babies that deal half damage and have half health, and less poison
  • Cave spider can spawn naturally in caves, the deeper the more common
  • Cave spider jockey has a slight chance to spawn


  • Infested stone can be everywhere, not only under mountains


Skeletons General

  • Can spawn baby
  • Babies shoot valve of arrows
  • Runs away from the player
  • Knows a bit how to swim


  • Can spawn with spectral arrows


  • Deals slowness 2 instead of 1
  • Shoots freezing arrows
  • Can spawn in any cold biome

Wither skeleton

  • Can spawn as a baby
  • Is fire resistant
  • Can spawn holding a bow if adult, so they will shoot flame arrows
  • Carry a netherite sword instead of a stone one

Skeleton horse

  • Spawn different kind of horsemen
  • Moves faster when ridden by mobs


Undead General

  • Steals life on attack
  • Ignore other undead mob attacks


  • Can target and fly through blocks
  • Is repelled by light (luminance level 10 or higher)
  • Can spawn in End Cities


Zombies General

  • Has a better knockback resistance
  • Is more likely to call reinforcement
  • Can call reinforcement of the same Zombie type
  • Can spawn with attributes variations when adults
    • Caller have a call reinforcement bonus
    • Runner have a speed bonus
    • Tank have a health bonus
    • Unstoppable have a knockback resistance bonus
  • Baby zombies can spawn on top of each other


  • Is no longer affected by fire damages


  • Spawns more often with a trident as in Bedrock
  • Increased velocity in water
  • Baby drowned can spawn riding a guardian

Zombie horse

  • A Zombie Horse trap can spawn when it thunders
  • Moves faster when ridden by mobs



  • Can have a speed bonus depending on local difficulty
  • Increased chance for piercing enchantment on their crossbow


  • Immune to arrows
  • Has more health


  • Can spawn in Mansions


  • Can have a speed bonus depending on local difficulty
  • Can spawn in patrols


  • Can spawn in patrols, with a pillager riding it or not


  • Flees the player
  • Slightly increased spawn rate



  • Don't get damage from explosions. Instead, they ignite
  • Its explosion deals mining fatigue and weakness effects, duration depending on your distance with the creeper


  • Can spawn naturally (rarely, like dolphins)


  • Can spawn with 1 bigger size depending on local difficulty
  • Can fuse with another same-sized slime on collision
    • Can fuse only once, its children won't be able to fuse again


  • Can spawn naturally in dark forest
  • Dies if its summoner dies



  • Sets entities on fire on attack, when on fire


  • Has a lot more health

Magma cube

  • Sets on fire on collision, fire duration depends on size


  • Can spawn riding a hoglin, spawn rate depending on local difficulty
  • Are hostile to players who don't wear full golden armor
    • You can choose how many pieces of golden armor you need to wear in the configs



  • Can deal blindness on attack


  • Chorus plants are infested with endermites
  • Teleports player on attack, similarly to chorus fruits


  • Projectiles can cancel levitation


Ender Dragon

  • A Phantom can spawn when an Ender Crystal is destroyed
  • Endermen can target nearby players when a player is close to the dragon when sitting
  • Ender Crystals respawn at ender dragon's health thresholds


  • Has more health
  • Spawns (once) 3-4 wither skeletons on half health as in Bedrock
  • Summons an explosion on half health, similarly as when spawned
  • Makes the weather stormy until death


  • Ghost-like mobs have a translucent model: phantoms, allays, vexes, ghasts

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