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Wildfire's Female Gender Mod (Fabric)

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The mod's primary purpose is to add breasts to your Minecraft player to give it a more unique appearance than the generic model.

Client Only (Server required for settings to sync)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you change the player model's height or give it more curvy looking hips?

A: I'll think about it, but probably not. I don't particularly want to edit the base game features. The breast model is an added layer to the default model. If I were to do a waist/torso thing it would be editing the player model. It would also probably break compatibility with a lot more mods as well.

Q: Will you downgrade the mod to anything below 1.16.4/5?

A: I have no plans on downgrading to anything below 1.16. A lot has changed in the game code between those versions, and it would be a lot of work since I'd be essentially rewriting the mod for each earlier version... As it stands I have to manage "2 mods" (Forge/Fabric) and that's enough work in and of itself.


Q: Can we get bigger boobs?

A: No.


  • Fabric API


  • G - Open Wildfire's Gender Menu