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ToroHealth Damage Indicators



Damage Indicators


With ToroHealth Damage Indicators a health bar will appear in the top left corner for the entity in the player's crosshairs.


Fabric and Forge Support!
Open the Files Tab to download the correct version.



The health bar HUD shows a small rendering of the entity, its name, health in numeric and bar format.  When the entity takes damage, a number is displayed to the right of the bar show the amount.  The bar will also animate helping to show the health that was removed (show above as dark green).


 Screen Shot



Damage Particles

As of version 1.16.3-4, damage particles are back!  They can be turned off with the particle.show config if you would prefer not to have them.


In-World Health Bars

In-world health bars displayed directly above entities can be enabled via the mod config.


In World Health Bars


Modpack Usage

Please feel free to include ToroHealth in any modpack.  No need to ask for permission.



Config File


The config system has been changed out with a unified one as of 1.16.3 version 3 for both Fabric and Forge versions.  The config file can no longer be edited from with-in the game and a text editor such as NotePad must be used. The config file is located at MINECRAFT_FOLDER/config/torohealth.json and is auto-created the first time the mod runs.  Changes to this file should be reflected in real time if the game is running while the file is edited.  The default file is shown below:



"watchForChanges": true,

"hud": {

"distance": 60,

"x": 4.0,

"y": 4.0,

"scale": 1.0,

"hideDelay": 20,

"anchorPoint": "TOP_LEFT",

"showEntity": true,

"showBar": true,

"showSkin" true


"bar": {

"damageNumberType": "LAST",

"friendColor": 16711935,

"friendColorSecondary": 8388863,

"foeColor": -16776961,

"foeColorSecondary": -2147483393


"inWorld": {

"mode": "NONE",

"distance": 60.0,

"onlyWhenLookingAt": false,

"onlyWhenHurt": false


"particle": {

"show": true




Values for inWorld.mode


Values for bar.damageNumberType


Values for hud.anchorPoint