ToroHealth Damage Indicators

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Damage Indicators

With ToroHealth Damage Indicators, damage given, received, or mitigated will be displayed as a number that pops off of the entity. Also, health bars will appear in the top left corner for the entity in the player's crosshairs.


1.14.4 Fabric Notes

To gain access to the Config GUI in the Fabric builds, you will need to include this mod:

Once you have ModMenu installed, ToroHealth can be configured via the mod list in the main menu.




Hearts Style Damage Indicators

Screenshot Showing Default Look and Placement

Damage Particle Screenshoot

Damage Paticle Example

Hearts Display with Friendly Entity

Hearts Display with Hostile Entity

Bar Display with Friendly Entity

Bar Display with Hostile Entity

Customization config options are available for changing the color of the damage numbers and the display style of the health bar (HEARTS, BAR, NUMERIC or OFF). The entity preview display can also be toggled on or off along with setting the background skin to BASIC, HEAVY or NONE.

Visit our GitHub to keep track of development progress.

Modpack Usage

Please feel free to include ToroHealth in any modpack.  No need to ask for permission.

Change Log

  • v1.11.2-10:
    • improved entity scaling
    • added two optional skins
    • added bar mode
    • foe/friend hints added
    • display now works through grass
    • custom layout removed, x y offsets are now always applied
  • v1.11.2-9:
    • crosshair didn't change when mob was in range
    • slight performance enhancement
  • v1.11.2-8:
    • Fixed incorrect health bar background color 
  • v1.10.2-7:
    • Bug fix for leashed entities when using Sildur's Shader
  •  v1.10.2-6:
    • Improved consistency displaying health bar when looking at entities
    • Improved scaling for very large mobs
    • Bug fix for NullPointer when rendering entity
    • Additional configuration options for health bar display
  •  v1.9.4-5:
    • Added 3D Model for targeted entity
    • Changed default display style to Hearts
    • Renamed Standard display style to Numeric
    • Removed Compact mode
    • UI improvements
  • v1.9.4-3:
    • Improved Mod Options configuration screen.  Colors are now more user-friendly and better labels were given to keys
    • Note: May need to delete .minecraft/config/torohealthmod.cfg to remove duplicate keys in configuration options


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