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Official Forge port is WIP by RedRoseWarrior

Due to huge amount of "Make Forge 1.16.5", "When Forge 1.16.5" comments from people who don't read line above the comments are now closed 

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This mod was designed as improvement for the Nether, adding more biomes, plants and materials into it. I've tried to make its content unique and interesting for exploring as also useful.

Mod was designed as compatible with other nether mods (especially in world generation). For other desirable compatibilities please write on issue tracker.


Primal things, that this mod adds:
1. Many new plants to the Nether;
2. New mobs for the Nether;

3. New unique biomes;
4. Non-vertical volumetric biome system (supporting other mods);
5. New materials, recipes, food, tools and items;
6. Ability to farm some materials using plant farms or mob farms;
7. Many nether structures, including big and rare cities;
8. Ability to configure presence of blocks, items, structures, biomes and plant density (and a config GUI with ModsMenu mod);
9. Integrations with some other mods.


1.12 version is for Forge, newer versions (1.15 and later) are for Fabric.




1.16 Version Screenshots:


1.12 & 1.15 Screenshots:

Nether Jungle

Nether Grasslands


How to optimize mod for weak PC:

- Open mod config (located in "...minecraft/config/betternether.json");
- Open "betternether.json" with text editor (I personally recommend Notepad++);
- Search in text to "global_plant_and_structures_density[def: 1.0]" and replace its value from 1.0 to 0.5 or 0.25 - this will reduce plants in world on generation;
- Search for "cities" and find "generate[def: true]" in figure brackets. Replace its value from true to false - this will disable nether cities generation, they are large and consume a lot of memory;
- Search for "terrain" and find "terrain_cleaning_pass[def: true]" and "world_fixing_pass[def: true]". Replace their values from true to false. This will disable world fixing passes - terrain became more weird, but worldgen will run faster.
All config changes requires game restart. I hope this will help you.


Mod has Minecraft Forum thread and official Discord Server


Integrations [1.16]:

Mod Menu
 Mod configuration GUI

Tech Reborn
 Ores can be processed in grinder

Vanilla Hammers
 Custom hammers in BetterNether mod tab

 Mob icons

 Furniture if Extra Pieces installed 

Extra Pieces
 More shapes for some blocks

Canvas Renderer
 Custom shaders with waving and glow

Vanilla Excavators
 Custom excavators in BetterNether mod tab 



Compatible with Nether biomes datapacks like Incendium
(half compatibility - datapack biome source must be removes by deleting Nether folder or set to "betternether:nether_biome_source")

 Compatible with Cinderscapes

 Compatible with Oh The Biomes You'll Go


Resource Packs:



 Emissive textures
for optifine 


 Legendary Pack 

 Epic pack
with BN support 


Custom tags (blocks; for modders & modpack makers):
- common:nether_mycelium - nether mycelium block;
- common:netherrack - rocky netherrack-like blocks;
- common:soul_ground - Soul Sand and Soul Soil blocks;


Some tips [1.12]:

- if you have "single server tick took 60.00 seconds" crash you can do this.

- If you have extreme nether generation time lag or "cascade worldgen error" you can do this.
- If you have lags on world saving - disable nether cities generation in the config.




Latest Changelog:

- fixed issues with wall connections;
- fixed /locate for cities;
- fixed ceiling structure generation;
- fixed chest of drawers rotations;
- fixed compatibility with KubeJS.
- Fixed zero spacing error;
- Fixed server world save error;
- Fixed /locate command for cities.

- Fixed locate command;
- Fixed mob groups;
- Fixed datapack & mod biomes structure compatibility;
- Fixed rare bedrock breaking by structures.



Where is config file?
It is in "config" folder (<minecraft_folder>/config/betternether.json). You can use "ModList" mod to see some config values in game, but not all (config is very large, it's hard to represent it full).
Here is information about JSON format.

Is this mod compatible with X mod?
Mod was designed to be compatible with others. If there is an issue - report it on GitHub.

Can you make version for X Minecraft?
Only for newer versions (later than 1.15 and for 1.15) and not immediately. Sometimes update is not required and last version works well.

Can you make forge version?
No, but if you really want it - you can make it by yourself and publish for others (MIT License). Porting such big mod to another modloader is a heavy task, due to not only large amount of code. It modified different game aspects - mushrooms growing on custom mycelium, maps rendering, fog distance, armor rendering fixes, recipe building, biomes modification etc, which is not possible with current Forge tools. It is possible to use third party libraries, but Forge code is much less stable than vanilla one and probably each new version will be incompatible with most code.

Will you continue 1.12 development?
No, 1.12 is not supported anymore. Last version is stable enough to play, development is focused on modern versions. If you have issues with 1.12 you can use information from "Some tips [1.12]" above.

Does mod have a wiki?
Yes, but it is very incomplete and a bit outdated. You can actually help with it. Here it is.



(the most detailed one)

(+ review of other good nether mods)



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