367,852 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod was designed as improvement for the Nether, adding more biomes, plants and materials into it. I've tried to make its content unique and interesting for exploring as also useful.

Mod was designed as compatible with other nether mods (especially in world generation). For other desirable compatibilities please write on issue tracker.




Primal things, that this mod adds:
1. Many new plants to the Nether;
2. Non-vertical volumetric biomes;
3. New materials, recipes, food, tools and items;
4. Ability to farm some materials using plant farms;
5. Many nether structures, including big and rare cities;
6. Ability to configure presence of blocks, items, biomes and plant density.


1.16 snapshot version:


Here are some screenshots:


Nether Jungle


Nether Grasslands


Full description is here: Minecraft Forum (including development log and current stage)


Some tips:

- if you have "single server tick took 60.00 seconds" (1.12.2) crash you can do this.

- If you have extreme nether generation time lag or "cascade worldgen error" (1.12.2) you can do this.



Mapping the Nether

In Development - Nether Swamp

Changes in world generator

What will be in 1.15 version


Latest Changelog:


- New chairs

- Striped logs and wood



- Planks drop

- Cactus damage

- AWT color (MacOS)


Known Bugs (snapshots):

- Console spam on load (new walls blockstates in old structures, will be fixed on release as this can be changed by mojang later)


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