Medieval Origins

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REQUIRED MODS TO WORK:  Fabric API, Origins and Pehkui


A list of all Origins in the mod and their abilities is below.




Humanoid, arachnid half-breeds, Arachnae are the size of a man with the dexterity and nimbleness of a spider. What could possibly go wrong?

+ = Climber - The fine bristles on the Arachnae's legs allow them to climb up walls.

+ = Many Eyes - The Arachnae's eight eyes are all adpated to darkness, and allow them to see clearly even with very little light.

+ = Venomous Bite - Arachnae's fangs contain venom, and every bite is a chance to poison their opponent.

+ = Web Slinger - Arachnae can, on command, spin webs in which their opponents will be trapped for a short while.

- = Bottomless Stomach - A human sized spider does not come without consequences. A massive amount of food is required to sustain the Arachnae.

- = Brittle - The Arachnae's exoskeleton cannot support armour heavier than iron.

- = Fragile Exoskeleton - The Arachnae's exoskeleton is vulnerable to damage. Their health is less compared to a regular human's.




Banshees are spirits whose cries can shatter glass and drive people to suicide. They are also seen as an omen of death in mythology.


+ = Sonic Shriek - Banshees are renowned for their supersonic cries, which can cause blood vessels to burst. Press G and for a short period you will find yourself dealing far more damage.

+ = Ethereal - Banshees possess the ability to become intangible at will, meaning they cannot be affected by foes in the physical realm. This of course comes with a cooldown. Activated with the secondary power key.

+ = Hexed - Banshees are known for their cursing prowess. Every time they are hit, there is a small chance that the attacker will be consigned to a fate of slow, agonising death.

+/- = Flesh-eater - Banshees feast upon the organs of the living. Their ethereal bodies have no desire for fruit or vegetables.

- = Iron Aversion - Iron is lethal to banshees. They cannot bear to wear it.

- = Immaterial - Being incorporeal does not come without consequence. Banshees have half the health a living person would have.




Daemons are evil, servants of Satan. This gives them numerous advantages, but it can also be their downfall.


+ = Daemon Fire - Imbued with Satan's power, the daemon can release a burst of hell's energy on command. Triggered with secondary power key.

+ = Hellborne - When you've lived in the depths of hell, a lick of fire is nothing to you. Daemons are immune to fire damage.

+/- = Carnivore - A daemon's bloodlust is insatiable. If it isn't the flesh of an animal, its worthless.

+/- = Unholy Deal - Daemons can exchange some of their health for increased strength, on account of the devil's influence. Triggered by pressing G.

- = Hydrophobe - When you've lived in lava your whole life, water seems quite scalding. Daemons are damaged by being in water.

- = Impure - Daemons do not recieve the positive effects from potions such as regeneration or instant health.

- = Overworld Weakness - As an agent of hell, daemons are not accustomed to the mobs of the overworld and take more damage from them.



Dwarves are short humanoids who live underground. They excel in mining, but have issues surviving above ground.


+ = Haste - Dwarven tech allows dwarves to mine significantly faster than other creatures.

+ = Nocturnal Eyes - Living underground has lead to dwarves having highly sensitive eyes, able to see perfectly fine even in the pitch black of the caverns.

+ = Potent Brew - Dwarves are known for the alcohol consumption. Press G to consume a potent brew which brings health back to full.

+/- = Miniature - Perhaps the most notable aspect of a dwarf is their size. They are far, far shorter than the average human.

- = Dense - Dwarves are heavy creatures for their size, and as a result cannot swim.

- = Darkness Dweller - Dwarves are adapted for darkness. Daylight is far too strong for their eyes, and blinds them until darkness returns. Counteracted by wearing a golden helmet.

- = Photoallergic - Dwarven skin is not suited to the intense sunlight of the outside world, and they combust when exposed to it. Can be prevented by wearing a helmet.




Elves are intelligent, long-living residents of the forest. Their skills in archery prove useful from afar, but their frailness becomes an issue up close.


+ = Archer - Elves are expert marksmen. They deal significantly more damage using a bow than other creatures.

+ = Forest Vision - Centuries of living in the forest has given the elves far better perception in the dark than most.

+ = Hyper Sight - Elves' enhanced perception allows them to keep track of an enemy for a while after hitting them, even when they aren't in view.

+/- = Towering - Elves are substantially taller than the average human. Despite this, they are just as skinny...

+/- = Steward - Elves live off of the forest and its fruits. Their digestive systems cannot process meat.

- = Spindly -  Owing to their slender nature, the heaviest armour elves can wear is chainmail.

- = Weak Melee - Elves are built for combat from afar, not up close. Their damage with swords and axes is reduced.




Beings of magick, faes are capable of far more than regular humans. Whether that is a blessing or a curse; that is for you to decide...


+ = Levitation - Faes are known for their ability to levitate. Press G and you will begin to hover.

+ = Magical Resistance - As magical creatures themselves, faes take less magic damage compared to other creatures.

+ = Regeneration - Faes are magick creatures. Press your secondary power key and you will regenerate health for a short period, even with no hunger.

- = Allure - Faes are naturally alluring. Unfortunately, this means that mobs will pursue them from far further away than they would other creatures.

- = Diminutive - It is rare for a fae to break 5 feet in height. They are small creatures, even smaller than the weaselly goblins.

- = Iron Aversion - Iron inhibits fae powers. It is unbearable for them to wear it.




Conniving and greedy, goblins excel in one-on-one combat and gain more loot from any mobs that they kill, although their small size becomes an issue against groups of foes.


+ = Cunning - Goblins are cunning creatures. Their attacks do more damage than other creatures and they gain more loot from killing mobs.

+ = Greedy - Goblins have a naturally greedy disposition. Anything gilded gives significantly more benefit to them than it would to others.

+ = Nippy - Although short, goblins are most certainly not slow. Moderate increase to base movement speed.

+/- = Stunted - Goblins' poor diets and genetics prevent them from growing as tall as other creatures.

- = Frail - Being small has its drawbacks. Goblins' max health is reduced, as their small size makes them prone to damage.




Gorgons turn their enemies to stone. However, life without being able to look anyone in the eye comes with consequences...


+ = Serpentine Companions - Everytime a gorgon is hit, they have a chance to spawn a silverfish to attack for them. (Broken, silverfish will spawn but they do not attack any mobs.)

+ = Stony Gaze - When a mob attacks a gorgon there is a chance for it to be frozen in place for a short period of time.

+ = Super Strength - Gorgons are renowned for their supernatural strength. They deal far more base damage than any other creature.

- = Hydrophobe - Gorgons take damage from water, as they are fundementally evil creatures.

- = Petrification - The gorgons were cursed with being bound in dark, dank caves. Being outside in daylight causes them to become petrified until night. Can be negated by wearing a helmet.

- = Silver Aversion - A gorgon's only real weakness is silver (Iron acts as silver). They cannot wear silver armour.




Knights are valorous heroes, who work tirelessly to protect the land.


+ = For Honour and Glory - What's a knight without his shining armour? Iron armour provides significantly more defence than it does to others.

+ = Skilled Swordsman - Knights are trained professionals at what they do. Any attack they make with a sword deals more damage.

+ = Valour - Knights are valourous men. In their dying moments, they fight harder than ever.

- = Burdened - Burdened by heavy armour, knights have reduced movement speed.

- = Magic Prone - With high physical damage resistance, it is only natural that attacks of a more spectral nature have increased effects on knights.

- = Melee4Ever - Unskilled in the art of archery, knights are incapable of using bows.




Mages learnt in the art of raising the dead, Necromancers can rasie an army from nothing. However, this morbid relationship with death comes with consequences...


+ = Hellraiser - At will, a necromancer can raise a circle of skeletons, blocking projectiles and slowing opponents. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a short time.

+ = Resilient - Learning about death goes a long way towards avoiding it. Necromancers have increased health.

+/- = Impervious - The study of death has made Necromancers immune to poison, wither and instant damage. Unfortunately, this also means they do not recieve the positive effects from regeneration and instant health.

+/- = Poor Reputation - Unfortunately, students of the dark arts are feared by the general populace. Villagers will refuse to trade with Necromancers and iron golems will attack them on sight. This does, however, come with the bonus that they are accepted amongst the ranks of the Pillagers.

- = Black Thumb - Necromancers only work with death. They cannot harvest any crops, they wilt at their deathly touch.

- = Disturbed - Learning the art of necromancy is traumatising. Necromancers cannot sleep, too scared to dream of what they wish they did not know.

- = Unguarded - Enveloping oneself in the arcane leaves you open to attack in the physical realm. Most mobs deal more damage to necromancers.




Large and impervious brutes, orgres are ferocious creatures with a grand stature. However, their appetite is insatiable, and their stature is just as often a hindrance as it is a help.


+ = Lead Belly - The enormous appetite of an ogre sometimes means eating an undesirable meal from time to time. As such, the ogre's stomach has evolved to withstand even the most toxic of foodstuffs.

+ = Stocky - Owing to their tremendous size, ogres have 2.5x the health of a regular player.

+/- = Gargantuan - Ogres are renowned for their size, and are substantially taller (and wider) than most creatures.

- = Ravenous - It takes a lot of food to sustain a creature as large as an ogre. Appetite is massively increased.

- = Sluggish - Not known for their agility, ogres are some of the slowest creatures to roam the land.

- = XXXL - It is rather hard to find a suit of armour in size XXXL. As a result, ogres cannot wear armour.




Soldiers of the lord, Paladins excel in combat against the world's foul, undead creatures. However, their holiness leaves them vulnerable to attack from these very same beings...


+ = Holy Fire - As a servant of the lord, undead creatures cannot bear the touch of a paladin, and combust when hit.

+ = Holy Instruments - An axe in the hands of a Paladin is a dangerous weapon. All axes deal increased damage, but swords deal less damage.

+ = Leech - Every 4 successful hits landed regenerates a heart of a paladnin's health.

- = Holy Curse - As a servant of the Lord, paladins cannot bear to be in contact with impure beings such as undead mobs, and take more damage from them.

- = Well-Built - Walking around in heavy armour all day is a chore. Paladins need more food to sustain themselves.




Agents of mischief, or harbingers of good fortune? Who ever said you can't be both!


+ = Feather Footed - The pixie's small size means it is completely impossible for them to take fall damage.

+ = Flight - Pixies are blessed with the gift of flight.

+ = Good Fortunes - Although pixies can be troublesome, they are also associated with good luck. When mining, you will occasionally get something valubale from plain stone.

+ = Mischief Maketh Man - Pixies are capable of performing numerous mischievous acts which, if not not dangerous, are certainly loud.

- = Curse of Flight - The wings which allows pixies to fly also prevent even the most skilled of craftsmen from creating a chestplate to accommodate them.

- = Soaked - Being as small as they are, water poses signficant threat to pixies. It hampers their movement and impairs their ability to fly.

- = Troublemaker - Villagers know pixies by the legends of trouble they cause, and will refuse to trade with them.


Plague Victim


Carrier of the Plague, it affects the victim's daily life yet does not kill them. Used correctly, it can be a powerful weapon against their foes.


+ = Foul Aura - Plague carrying fleas swarm the victim. Being in the general vicinity of them is not beneficial for one's health.

+ = Plague immunity - Although the plague affects the carrier, they do not suffer the brunt of its symptoms. Carriers are immune to poison and wither.

+ = Risk of Transmission - Every contact with a plague victim is a 50/50 on whether you will contract the disease or not. Their opponents best pray that they get lucky...

- = Contagious - The Plague is highly contagious. Villagers will refuse to trade with you out of fear of contracting the plague.

- = Insomniac - The horrible welts make sleep impossible for carriers of the Plague to sleep.

- = Sensitive Skin - The Plague causes welts and lesions upon the skin, which are tender and painful to touch. As a result, victims cannot wear armour for the pain it causes.

- = Skin and Bones - The Plague causes rapid muscle atrophy, resulting in reduced health and speed.




Sirens have an ensnaring beauty and an evil nature, their irresistable beauty being the downfall of many a sailor. Its up to you to use this power to its full advantage.


+ = Siren Song - Sirens are known for their alluring calls. Press G to make all mobs around you neutral until hit. (DOES NOT APPLY TO BOSSES, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS)

+ = Amphibious - Sirens, being a subset of merpeople, can survive in water, and swim with increased speed.

+ = Holy Water - Sirens have regenerative powers, which are at full force when they are in water.

- = Out of your Depth - Although sirens can survive just fine on land, it is not their natural environment. As such, their regenerative abilities do not apply, and any damage taken can only be healed with potions.

- = Prone - While sirens can regenerate their bodies, they are weak to blunt force. Melee attacks do more damage to them.

- = Flammable - Sirens and fire do not mix well. Any contact with flames results in instant death. Be sure to watch your step in the nether!




Large, lumbering beasts of the mountains, trolls are by far the biggest and baddest brutes of the land. Yet, could this very size be their undoing?


+ = Ironhide - Trolls have incredibly thick skin, giving them a natural armor and massively increased health.

+ = Rock Throw - A troll can, at will, hurl a large rock into the air, plowing through whatever may cross its path. However, this does come at the cost of 64 precious cobblestone blocks.

+ = Thunderous Stride - Trolls walk with purpose. Should they persist long enough, they can walk straight through any obstacle which may cross their path.

+/- = Dweller of the Hills - Native to high peaks, trolls only spawn in mountains. 

+/- = Ham Fisted - While the huge fists of the troll pack a mighty punch, they are far too cumbersome to hold a shield.

+/- = Mountainous - Trolls take after the mountains from which they come from. They are massively tall, twice the size of the average person.

- = Apex Predator - Trolls cannot eat regular foodstuffs, and can only satiate their hunger by slaughtering other creautres.

- = Lumbering - When you're as large as a troll, you have a lot of weight to heft around. Movement is noticably slower than one would expect for their size.

- = Old Blood - The old blood which runs through the veins of the trolls is bound to the mountains. They cannot heal themselves outside of their hilly homelands.

- = Out of Stock - Try as they might, trolls never seem to be able to find any armor in their size. Thus, they are doomed to walk with what coverings nature gave them, and nothing more.




Ferocious animals, or people with a misunderstood condition? A werewolf can be either, which path will you choose?


+ = Lycanthropy - The condition which causes werewolves to turn into a wolf at night. Has the effect of increasing a person's stature, strength and health.

+/- = Carnivore - Werewolves eat like a wolf, even when not transformed. The only food they can eat is meat.

- = Drained - Increased prowess at night does, unfortunately, come with consequences. In daytime your health and strength are reduced.

- = Silver Aversion - Werewolves' main weakness is silver. They cannot bear to wear it. 

- = Insatiable Hunger - Werewolves are constantly looking for their next meal. Their appetite is much greater than average.




Lumbering giants of frosty peaks, the Yeti's icy nature allows them to stop almost any foe, but can leave them vulnerable to fiery attacks.


+ = Frigid Pulse - A powerful magic runs through the veins of a yeti, allowing them to entomb a group of foes in ice on command.

+ = From Whence you Came - Thriving best in the lands from which they originate, yetis move faster and are carried on the snow to negate fall damage in icy biomes.

+ = Frosty Breath - The frosty breath of the yeti slows any opponents which get close to them.

+ = Titanic - Yetis have far more health than a regular human.

+ = Unstoppable - Yetis are immune to the slowness effect.

+/- = Winter Body - Yetis are marginally taller than a regular human, and significantly wider.

- = Flammable - Yetis are susceptible to fire damage due to their wintry nature.

- = The blessing of thick fur becomes a curse in deserts. Your movement is slowed and health reduced to that of a normal person.


EXTRA INFO: Whenever 'Magical' or 'Spectral' mobs are mentioned, it refers to this set of mobs; Witches, Endermen, the Ender Dragon, Shulker Bullets, Evocation Fangs, Vexes, Wither Skulls, Guardians and Elder Guardians.




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