Eldritch Mobs

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Eldritch Mobs

A Fabric port of Infernal Mobs that randomly makes the mobs of your Minecraft world more challenging and rewarding to kill. 



If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/ufmejXtq



Mob Categories


  • 0.01 chance to spawn
  • 2-4 abilities
  • 4x health
  • 4x XP drop


  • 0.001 chance to spawn
  • 5-8 abilities
  • 6x health
  • 6x XP drop


  • 0.0001 chance to spawn
  • 9-12 abilities
  • 8x health
  • 8x XP drop


  • Alchemist: throws potions of harming
  • Berserk: increased melee damage and increased damage taken
  • Yeeter: melee attacks launch victim into the air
  • Blinding: temporarily blinds target
  • Burning: sets target on fire
  • Cloaked: provides invisibility
  • Deflector: all projectiles rebound off the mob
  • Draining: afflicts the target with mining fatigue
  • Duplicator: mob will occasionally create a clone of itself
  • Ender: mob will teleport to dodge projectiles
  • Ghastly: shoots ghast fireballs at target
  • Gravity: pulls target towards the mob
  • Lethargic: afflicts target with slowness
  • Lifesteal: restores health based on the amount of damage dealt to target
  • Undying: heals back up to full health once after dropping below half health
  • Regen: passively heals over time
  • Rust: inflicts severe durability damage to the target's armor
  • Speedster: provides permanent speed 3
  • Sprinter: provides mob with occasional bursts of speed 5
  • Starving: afflicts the target with hunger
  • Stormy: summons lightning to smite the target
  • Thorny: deals return damage to an attacker
  • Toxic: afflicts attacker with poison 2
  • Weakness: afflicts target with weakness
  • Webslinging: ensnares target in a cobweb
  • Withering: afflicts the target with wither

Soothing Lantern


A light block crafted using a sea lantern, gold ingots, and emeralds that prevents buffed mobs from spawning in a chunk.



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