Eldritch Mobs

11,391 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

This mod is a Fabric port of one of my favourite Forge mods: Infernal Mobs. Eldritch Mobs - just like Infernal Mobs - randomly imbues mobs in your world with unique and powerful abilities that make them more dangerous, exciting, and rewarding to defeat.



There are three categories of modified mobs:


Elite: 4 abilities (configurable)

       4x Health (configurable)

       16x Experience

       Drops random enchanted item upon death

       /summon_elite <insert entity id>


Ultra: 8 abilities (configurable)

       6x Health (configurable)

       32x Experience

       Drops Elite Loot + Shipwreck Treasure upon death

       /summon_ultra <insert entity id>


Eldritch: 12 abilities (configurable)

          8x Health (configurable)

          48x Experience

          Drops Elite Loot + Ultra Loot + End City Treasure upon death

          /summon_eldritch <insert entity id>


How to blacklist mobs from becoming special mobs 

In <your datapack folder>/data/eldritch_mobs/tags/entity_types/eldritch_blacklist.json put


    "values": [

      "<your entity ID>"



Full credit goes to haykam for developing the entity blacklist.


Requirements: Fabric API, Cardinal Components 

Recommended: Mod Menu API, Orderly




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