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Improved Mobs (Fabric)

For the forge version see here


This mod doesn't need to be installed on the client. A client without this mod is unable to see the current difficulty value though.


If you want to spice up your mc experience and make your world more challenging look no further. This mod provides several tweaks to mods to drastically increase the difficulty of the game.

Ranging from simple buffs in health and damage with time to smarter mobs. Below is a list of features from this mod:



* Difficulty system: Introduces a difficulty system where its a simple value that increases by 1 (default) each mc day. Several features are scaled based on this difficulty value.

* All hostile mobs increase in damage, health, speed and knockback resistance with increasing difficulty.

* All hostile mobs can now spawn with armor with worse armor being more common. Armors from other mods are included too. The armors can be enchanted. 

* Mobs can now break specific blocks, when the blocks are in their way. The pathfinding will take into account these blocks so if the path would be normally blocked but the blocks are breakable they will still pathfind and go towards the target.

* Mobs can now actively climb ladders and the pathfinding will also consider those.

* If the mob does not have an active target it will search for nearby inventories  to loot the items so protect your chest now! However they will not loot inventories which have not been opened by a player (So dungeon loots etc. are safe)

* If mobs are in water and targeting something they are able to summon a guardian to ride it. This guardian by itself doesn't attack, has low health and despawns if the mob dismounts it.
* Mobs are able to summon a parrot to ride it if they deem the target being unreachable by normal means. 
* Villagers are now targeted not only by zombies. RIP villagers

* Mobs can now use a variety of items like the player. E.g.:

- Enderpearls: if too far away from the target the mob will throw a pearl 

- Flint and steel: lights the target on fire

- Tnt: throws a tnt at the target. the tnt will only hurt the target and won't destroy blocks

- Snowballs: throws snowballs at the target

- Lava bucket: places lava around the target. the lava is not a sourceblock so it will vanish.

Bows: Like normal skeletons

- Splash Potion: Mobs now will use splash potion of harming

- Enchanted Book: Holding any kind of enchanted books grants the mobs special powers. He will give nearby mobs positive potion effects.

  If there are no other mobs near the target he will summon evocation fangs, else he will shoot special shulker bullets which won't harm any mobs except the target.

* As for something to help against the buffs your pets are now unharmed by your attacks except if you sneak. Finally no more accidentally killing your dogs when fighting monsters. You can also give your pets armor by sneaking and right-clicking them.


Some example pics of the mobs using items:




For ops there are also some commands all under the same base command /improvedmobs.

With the config its also possible to finetune all values and toggle on/off features.


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