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What is the purpose of this Mod?

This mod allows regular deepslate to be put into the stone cutter and made into the various stone cuttable items


  • Allows regular deepslate to be used in the stone cutter
  • As well as this it adds regular Deepslate variants of wall, stairs and slab. All of these configured off by defualt. (FABRIC & QUILT ONLY for now)


This mod is >= 1.17 at it's oldest. I am NOT going to back-port this mod to any older versions I will try my hardest to update this mod, in its latest release at the time, within a week the next version


If you have discovered an issue with my mod, please do not hesitate to ask anything or leave an issue in my issue tracker but please check for a duplicate of your issue first, thanks :)


DeepslateCutting is licensed under GNU LGPLv3, which is a free and open-source license. If you want to know more, poke your nose in the license file