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megane is a WTHIT plugin that adds useful tooltips such as energy, fluid volumes, and inventory contents.

Supported Mods

Alloy Forgery
Applied Energistics 2
Create Fabric
Deep Mob Learning: Simulacrum
Extra Generators
Industrial Revolution
Lib Block Attributes
Modern Dynamics
Modern Industrialization
Reborn Core
Team Reborn Energy
Tech Reborn
Wireless Networks

Configuration can be done with editing .minecraft/config/waila/megane.json directly or via the config screen.
For energy bar colors and units, megane value determines what's the default value.
Config will get overloaded by the server, so if the server disabled inventory tooltip, you won't see inventory tooltip regardless wether you enabled it or not.

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Support Me!
Maintaining compatibility with many mods takes so so much time to do. If you want to donate me some money, it would be appreciated.
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