Universal Graves

Universal Graves

It's a simple, but really customisable grave/death chest mod! You can customise as you like, by modifying message, blocks and hologram texts, how long it will be protected, if should drop items after expiring and alike.

This mod can work purely on servers, through for model support mod is required on clients!

This mod works only on Fabric and Quilt!

If you have any questions, you can ask them on my Discord

Also check out my other mods and project, as you might find them useful!

Using 2.x/1.19.x or older?

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Default Grave look

Commands (and permissions):

  • /graves - Main command, shows list of player's graves (universal_graves.list, available by default)
  • /graves player <player> - Opens gui with list of selected player's graves (universal_graves.list_others)
  • /graves modify <player> - Opens gui with list of executor's graves with ability to modify them (universal_graves.modify)
  • /graves reload - Reloads configuration and styles (requires universal_graves.reload)

Additionally, by having universal_graves.teleport permission, you can teleport to any grave.

Configuration: Check github or Modrinth!