Forgotten Graves

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Forgotten Graves

Forgotten Graves is a highly configurable fabric mod that adds a grave which stores items and XP upon death; the grave will then begin to age at random intervals between 4 different stages.

The graves are craftable, support custom names & heads, and can be locked at any age stage (via honeycomb). You can easily go back a stage or remove the stage lock by right clicking the grave with a shovel.


If you have any issues with the mod, or a feature request, please use the issue tracker. Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you!


This mod has compatibility support for:

- Trinkets

BackSlot (Partial; items are stored but not put back into the BackSlot slots)


Disclaimer: This does not mean the above mods are necessarily compatible with each other, just with Forgotten Graves!


Grave Models 

Grave Models



Please refer to the Wiki to see the configuration options and what they do.



This mod is based on Graves Not Forgotten by SilverGleam and Gravestones by geometrically_.



I'm mostly working on this mod for my own server's personal use so I cannot promise that all requested functionality will be added (i.e. compatibility with ___ mod). I'll still try though!



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