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Savage Ender Dragon[Forge/Fabric]

Adds serveral new mechanics and difficulty scaling to the Ender Dragon fight, making it a challenge and fun experience for any player amount.



  • Scaling difficulty with player numbers: Scales mob spawn amount, dragon health and damage, crystal respawn frequency. Config static difficulty is added ontop of it
  • Spawns aggro enderman at players, normal enderman spawn is disabled around.
  • Respawns crystals after a time interval
  • Fireballs do some additional explosion damage
  • Breaking crystals can cause some debuffs and mob spawns
  • Dragon spawns lightning bolts
  • Dragon no longer can be cheesed with beds/explosions
  • Dragon has an anti-flying cheese attack

  • Set the difficulty of the dragonfight, to adjust to the modpack difficulty
  • Disables mob spawning on the dragon island
  • Set which mobs spawn on crystal destruction, respawn and while the dragon is on the ground

Only required on serverside

If you enjoy this mod consider supporting the development, any support is greatly appreciated.

The development is an unpaid free-time activity, so any support helps being able to spend more time on it.
You can support me on Patreon or just spreading the word around.