863,790 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod was developed for Fabric and most recent content is for Fabric.

Official Forge port is here.

Since 0.9.2 world uses custom End generator by default. If you are playing in old world please change it in the config to prevent chunk issues.


This mod adds new biomes into the End and modifying existing ones. Each biome has its own atmosphere, resources and mobs.

Currently, this mod adds:

  • 24 new biomes (more will be added later)
  • 6 new mobs (with biome variations)
  • Many blocks, including 9 wood types and 7 new stone types
  • Many items, including new food sources, tools, armor and weapons
  • New mechanics like rituals, anvil recipes and others
  • Integrations with other mods, for example 2 new sub-biomes for BYG biomes and some new plants for them
  • Custom End world generator (configurable) with more possibilities than vanilla one

You can report any bugs on the issues tracker.

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Installation Guide (by ChronoFury):





- I couldn't go into the End, portal and commands are not working!
- This means you End Dimension entry in level.dat is missing, you can restore it with NBTExplorer. You can use this tutorial.

- Biomes from your mod are missing!
- Your world was generated before you install BetterEnd or you use another mods/datapacks, you can change your biome source to fix it. You can use this tutorial.

- Biomes are very small!
- The reason are the same as issue above, you can change your biome source to fix it. You can use this tutorial.

- Where I can look for recipes?
- You can use REI, we also added all our recipes & custom crafting as plugins for REI

- How can I repair portal into the Overworld?
- You can read our ingame guide (requires Patchouli) or use our tutorial. I will write a tutorial soon.

- My rituals are not working!
- Chech your pedestal positions. If all is correct place the central item last or right click on central pedestal if you already placed it.

- Where I can find ritual ingredients?
- You can use REI, it will show you required ingredients and their position.


Custom Generator:


1. It uses individual islands instead of noise generator. This means that it doesn't have this bug

2. Individual islands have not only horizontal variation, but also a vertical one. The End is not flat with it and looks much more natural

3. Natural island distribution - instead of simple noise values it uses point distribution with density map, island clusters look much more natural and have different island sizes (from tiny islands less than 50 blocks to gigantic ones up to 1000 blocks in diameter)

4. Option to disable void between islands and central island, this can be used to make End-survival modpack

5. Possibility to add your own island shapes in the future

6. Correct biome distribution - in vanilla generator there is a noise that determine if biome will be land or void, and this noise is incorrect and have many bugs. In new generator biome distribution is correct

7. Island coastlines (probably will appear in the future, they are possible due to №6


When you need to disable it:

Compatibility with old worlds - switching generator will produce many bugs on chunk edges


Recommended datapacks:

 End City
for "Better End"


Integrations with mods:

 Canvas Renderer 


 Patchouli (Fabric) 

 Oh The Biomes
You'll Go [FABRIC]


Our other mods:




 Just Map 

 Just Map Unlimited 


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