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DragonLoot is a simple mod that adds a new crafting material for the Ender Dragon.
Once you kill the Ender Dragon you'll get some dragon scales that can be used to craft a new set of armor and an unbreakable anvil.


Dragon armor crafting:

Dragon armor durability/defense (top down)


The Dragon anvil works exactly like a normal
anvil, but it never breaks, has no level cap,
and won't ask you for more than 30 levels of

Feel free to use this in your modpack.

Videos showcasing this mod:


There are no plans to port to forge.
If there is anyone who would like to do it themselves then feel free.

If you want a mod that adds dragon armor for forge then try checking
out Ice and Fire, the mod this armor's design is based off of.

Join this discord and @pois1x (me) if you have issues cause I don't look at curseforge often :/