Snow Pig [Fabric]

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This mod adds a frozen pig to minecraft. This pig is pretty similar to a normal pig and drops frozen porkchop that can be thawed into regular porkchop.

Fire aspect also thawes the frozen porkchop.

You can find the pig in all biomes that are in the "ICY"-Category

When the Snow Pig is killed by a Stray, it will drop a custom music disc with a Song made by Luz#8017

You can also listen to this song here:



Attention: I won't backport this mod, so if anyone wants to backport this mod, please contact me on Discord: Uraneptus#5442 or Twitter.

You can find the forge version here!


It would help me a lot if you report bugs to me.



- Port to future versions 


(If you have any feature suggestions, let me know in the comments!)