Macaw's Lights and Lamps

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About Macaw's Lights and Lamps 1.0.4


Have you ever wanted to have other light sources than torches, glowstones or redstone lamps? If that's the case, then you are at the right place!

This very simple mod adds new light sources, in the first release : Tiki Torches, Soul Tiki Torches, Street Lamp Posts, Soul Street Lamp Posts, Ceiling Lights,

Lamps, Paper Lamps, Lava Lamp and Garden Light. 


But why choose this mod?

- Most stuff can be made as tall as you want! Do you need a 1 block tall lamp or 54 block tall lamp? Your choice.

- Everything can be turned off and on, simply hold shift and right click.

- Everything can be crafted in vanila with easy recipes.

- A lot of new content will be added in the future, feel free to leave your suggestion here, I'm reading everything.



Click on the picture above, use my code sketchmacaw to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!



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