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Armor Chroma for Fabric

This is a Fabric / Quilt fork of the original Armor Chroma mod by jobicade, a client-side mod to improve on vanilla's default armor bar.

Features include:

  • Different icons depending on the material of equipped items
  • Displaying glint for enchanted armor pieces
  • Displaying armor points over 20 with additional armor icon rows or with a colored outline
  • A minimal config screen accessible through Mod Menu when Cloth Config is installed.
  • Additional icons for supported mods (see here, original Fabric mods are not supported yet)
  • Optional built-in resource pack by Andrew Grant with alternative icons for vanilla materials.

In-game screenshot

Animated enchant glint

Check the 'Images' tab for more screenshots.

Credits (Ɛ>)

Links: original Forge version · CurseForge · GitHub · Modrinth