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A Fabric client-side mod adding ambient and environmental interaction effects to enhance immersion.

 Forge version here.



Effective is a client-side Fabric mod that adds various visual and auditory effects lacking in Vanilla Minecraft to improve overall ambience and feel of the game. Currently, it adds water and lava splashes to entities falling in liquids, as well as cascade visual and sound effects.


Video Showcases (with sounds)






Can I include this mod in a modpack?

Yes: You can. Go ahead, don't bother asking. Please however provide credit and a link to either the GitHub repository or Curse Forge project page.

Can I use this mod on a vanilla server?

Yes: If you have installed this mod on your Minecraft client, you will be able to connect to vanilla Minecraft servers and the ambient effects will work as intended.


If you have any questions, propositions or ideas, please submit them in the Minecraft Curse Forge Project page comment section! Or, you could...

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