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Welcome to Capybara, a small mod that adds a the Capybara! A giant rodent like creature that spawns very rarely in Jungles in groups between 1-4! They are very useful creatures that can be tamed with either: Melons, Melon Slices, Sugar Cane or Apples! When tamed, you can make them sit and stand while sneaking with a stick in hand, or you can sneak and right click with a chest to attach up to 2 chests onto it to carry for you!
You can technically sit on the Capybara but you can't control it so you will need a lead or one of it's tempt items if you want to make it move anywhere of your will!

There is also a sneaky little easter egg/secret in the mod too involving the Capybara. ;)

In short, it's an incredibly handy new mob for the game! I hope you guys enjoy it! <3



Q: Forge?

A:  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/unnamed-animal-mod-capybara-only


Q: I've found a bug!

A: Check the issues page and create an issue if it's not been reported already


Q: I need help!

A: Come to TeamCitrus Discord where I can help you, go to #capybara to get help!



Showcase (YT Short)


- "uPdAtE tO {version} wHeN?"

 = I will update in my own time, this is a part time hobby of mine

- "i gOt a bUg"

 = Post it on the github, link above or report it on the Discord (Linked Below)

- Can I use this is a Modpack?

= Yes you may! Please leave credits though to the mod and back to this page


PSA: Reuploads

I will NEVER release this mod anywhere other then Curseforge or maybe Modrinth one day. If you see it on any other site then *please* report it to me. I do not support external sites uploading my mods.

Please do not download this mod from anywhere other then here to reduce your chances of having an altered version with a virus. 

If you see it on an external site, link it to me and I'll ask them to take it down


If you find any issues, submit an issue on our GitHub, and if you have any suggestions let us know.


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