Golems Galore

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A Minecraft Fabric 1.16+ mod adding several new types of special golems!







Golems Galore adds several new golems- as of 0.2.0, we add 6 new golems and 2 special golems to 1.16.2. 

These golems have existed for a long time, and finally in the Nether update have come out of their hiding!


 Golems can be made by acquiring a Golem Soul.

To get a golem soul, get three glass bottles and right-click an Iron Golem in a village, or, if you find a modded golem somewhere, right-clicking them once. You MUST USE all three bottles for Iron Golems, as one bottle takes 1/3 of the health of the golem and it will attack you if you don't kill it by getting all the souls possible. 


Once you have a golem soul, you can 



Normal: these golems have modified attributes such as differing health and attack damage, check the wiki for their design

- Netherite

- Obsidian

- Diamond

- Gold

- Quartz

Special: these golems have special abilities that can be interesting for modders to use in interesting ways!

- Laser Golem

- Anti Creeper Golem



The wiki contains entries on ALL golems currently, as well as planned features!





Please report all bugs at the GitHub repository! 

GH: https://github.com/franiscoder/golemsgalore

ISSUES: https://github.com/franiscoder/golemsgalore/issues



Go to our wiki to see how the config works. Our config is able to change default attributes of the golems, perfect for servers needing this feature for balance. 



Thank you to all of these people!
ffrann- owner & author


thank you to the fabricord for all the modding help, and Fabric for making a modding platform for me!


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