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Golems Galore


 Golems Galore adds several new golems, some of which have special utilities that can bring useful and strategic defense. 

Please check images tab for all of the golem pictures, or go to the wiki!


 Golems can be made by acquiring a Golem Soul.

To get a golem soul, get three glass bottles and right-click an Iron Golem in a village, or, if you find a modded golem somewhere, right-clicking them once. You MUST USE all three bottles for Iron Golems, as one bottle takes 1/3 of the health of the golem and it will attack you if you don't kill it by getting all the souls possible. 


Once you have a golem soul, you can spawn golems right into your world! Check the wiki for combinations. 


GOLEMS AS OF 1.2.0 (Check Images Tab as well!)

Normal: these golems are variants of blocks with unique health and damage stats.

- Netherite

- Obsidian

- Diamond

- Gold

- Quartz

- Hay


Special: these golems have special abilities that can be interesting for mod users like you to use in interesting ways!

- Laser Golem (with Diamond Variant)

- Ghastly Golem

- Anti Creeper Golem

- Obama Golem



The wiki contains entries on ALL golems currently, as well as planned features!





Please report all bugs at the GitHub repository! 

GH: https://github.com/frqnny/golemsgalore

ISSUES: https://github.com/frqnny/golemsgalore/issues





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