Rat's Mischief 🐀

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Rat's Mischief

Rat's Mischief (also known as "Rat's Rats" or just "Mischief") is a mod about rats and mechanics surrounding them. Find rats in abandoned villages, tame them, and make your own deadly cute army to perform task for you and accompany you on your journeys!



Can I include this mod in a modpack?

Yes: You can. Go ahead, don't bother asking. Please however provide credit and a link to either the GitHub repository or Curse Forge project page.

ISN'T THis jUST a RAtS rIp-OFF??

No: I have no ties with Rats, and this mod is a completely different one with a completely different vision. Rats are amazing creatures, and I'm not of a fan of how "modded" "Rats" looks and feels, so I went with a more summoner styled approach as well as aiming to feel Vanilla+. The two mods differ hugely, and I didn't draw any inspiration from "Rats" as I never played it and only ever heard of it and the memes. This isn't a Fabric version of "Rats", nor is this a rip-off. 


No, sorry, so don't bother asking.


If you have any questions, propositions or ideas, please submit them in the Minecraft Curse Forge Project page comment section! Or, you could...

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