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Bow Infinity Fix (Forge/Fabric)

NOTE: As of 11/19/19, there is now both a Forge and a Fabric version of this mod. The Fabric version is marked as "Beta" for sidebar convenience. It can be considered a full release version.


Removes need to have an arrow in your inventory to use the Infinity enchant on your bow.


This is originally inspired by Myrathi's InfiniBows.

I started this mod before he updated his mod to 1.7. And it was easy. So I made this from scratch.

Then he updated his mod to 1.7.10.

But then I updated mine to 1.8.

And then he stopped modding it seems.

And he was chill with the first version.

So now we're here.


YOU ARE FREE TO USE THIS IN ANY PUBLICLY DISTRIBUTED MODPACK THAT DOWNLOADS THE MOD FROM CURSEFORGE. You are also allowed to include this mod in any Modrinth modpack. Please message me for use in other public modpacks. You can use this mod in any privately distributed modpack because that's how that works.