Origins: Classes

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This is an add-on to the Origins mod for Fabric.



Forge Port here (made by LimonBlaze):


In addition to choosing an origin, you now also choose a class. Classes provide smaller benefits than origins, but they come without drawbacks.

Note: I updated to support the new Origins version, but it requires 0.4.1 or higher (0.4.0 will not work!)


These are the available classes:


  • Archer: your projectiles are more accurate; you are slowed less when using a bow
  • Beastmaster: animals you tame gain permanent extra hearts and damage; when you drink a potion the effects also apply to nearby tamed animals
  • Blacksmith: tools and armor crafted by you provide small benefits; you can repair tools and armor more efficiently, both in an anvil and via crafting
  • Cleric: you can double the duration of potions; you are better at enchanting
  • Cook: food you craft provides more nourishment; you gain extra XP from cooking food in a smoker
  • Explorer: you start the game with 9 empty maps, a compass and a clock; you don't exhaust from sprinting
  • Farmer: bone meal is twice as effective when used by you; crops sometimes yield twice the loot when you harvest them
  • Lumberjack: crafting planks from logs gives you two extra planks; you cut down whole trees at once when you use an axe
  • Merchant: when you trade with villagers, their trades aren't used up; wandering traders give you special offers
  • Miner: you break all stone blocks faster; you don't exhaust from mining blocks
  • Nitwit: you're not particularly good at anything. :)
  • Rancher: when you breed animals, they sometimes have a chance to produce twins; animals killed by you have a chance of dropping twice as much loot
  • Rogue: your name is never visible through walls; you enter stealth (making less sounds and dealing double damage from behind) after sneaking for 10 seconds
  • Warrior: you deal +1 attack damage with every weapon; you are slowed less when using a shield



Download Origins here and visit this page to learn more about Fabric and download it.

Custom classes: You can add your own classes by creating an origin, and then adding it to the layer at `data/origins-classes/origin_layers/class.json`.

(Tools on the mod icon by Lorc,, licensed under CC BY 3.0)


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