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Customizable Elytra (Fabric)

Fabric versions of Customizable Elytra for versions 1.20 and newer are available at the main mod page! 

Click here to go there!

Forge Version

MINECRAFT VERSIONS 1.17 AND BELOW: This mod also requires the Caelus API.

Allows Elytra to be dyed and have banners placed onto them, in the same way as leather armor and shields





Additional Features & FAQ

Works with capes!

(You can also hide your cape from appearing on your elytra by just crafting it with a piece of paper!)


Craft with Glow Ink Sac to make your elytra glow in the dark!



Is this mod compatible with banners added from other mods?

The following mods are compatible: Additional Banners, Rats, Ice and Fire, Autumnity, Buzzier Bees and Neapolitan


Will my enchantments/custom name stay if I customize my elytra?

Yes, any changes you made to your elytra will be preserved if you customize it


How do I remove the customization?

You can turn your elytra back into a vanilla one by right-clicking on a cauldron filled with water while holding it!




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