The Graveyard (FABRIC)

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The Graveyard adds new spooky structures, mobs and blocks to make your minecraft adventure more thrilling and challenging.
Every structure, mob and biome was built with a lot of attention to detail to create an immersive experience for you.

Versions: 1.16.4, 1.16.5, 1.17, 1.17.1, 1.18, 1.18.1, 1.18.2, 1.19-1.19.4, 1.20-1.20.1 (FABRIC)



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Special thanks to Rotch Gwylt for his amazing music.

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Data Packs:


Cinematic mod showcase:



The Graveyard comes with a config file to allow high customization, for example:

  • Structures: set structure frequency, the biomes it will generate in (white- and blacklist), and if it can spawn graveyard mobs. (dependent on version)
  • Mobs: enable/disable natural graveyard mob spawning, their weight and group size on spawn and in which biomes/mods mobs can spawn. (dependent on version)
  • And much more in the config file!


Boss - Corrupted Champion (Lich):

The Corrupted Champion is the entombed remnant of an unknown hero, fallen into corruption. Its power arise from its bone staff, which was crafted from the bones of its innocent victims. With its power, the lich can controll the minds of its enemies and turn peaceful beings into abominations fighting along its side. But beware. Even if you manage to drain the staff's corruption, the fight isn't over


  • The fight has an epic and chilling boss music done by Rotch Gwylt.


  • Spell phase abilities: Bone Vortex Attack, Skull Cast Attack, Levitation Spell, Falling Corpses Spell, Summon Minions Spell, Labyrinth Heal Attack.
  • Hunt phase abilities: Darkness encases the player while the Lich hunts its prey. Don't let it come to close.
  • Deformation phase


How to summon the Corrupted Champion:

  • Collect the three bone staff pieces (Ominous Bone Staff Fragment) from the Ruins structure. Every Ruin has a unique fragment (upper, middle and lower bone staff fragment).
  • Obtain a bone dagger from an Acolyte, or craft it yourself.
  • Hold a glass bottle in your offhand and start killing villager with the bone dagger. You'll get a Vial of Blood. Fill the vial to the limit.
  • Find the Lich Prison structure, a large floating island above the oceans.
  • Wait until it is night, place the bone staff pieces (from upper to lower) on the dark corrupted deepslate blocks in front of the altar (they should fairly stand out).
  • Pour the Vial of Blood into the altar.

Voilà, you unleashed pure evil into the world, probably causing the death of thousands of innocent people and very likely your own.



  • The Graveyard Biomes is now an independent mod, found here!



  • Haunted House: uncover the secrets of this run down house.
  • Small Grave: a final resting place encountered frequently while exploring.
  • Small Graveyard: a cemetery that comes in multiple variants.
  • Medium Graveyard: a quite large cemetery in the woods surrounding a minecraft temple. It holds a lot to explore and to gather, but nothing comes without a risk. Especially at night.
  • Mushroom Grave: an overgrown grave, spawning in swamps, jungles and mushroom islands.
  • Memorial Birch Tree: an imposing tree found in birch forests.
  • Large Graveyard: an immense jigsaw structure generating in forests. But be warned - it is full of dangers.
  • Crypt: an expansive labyrinth, full of traps, loot and dangers, hidden in the depths.
  • Ruins: destroyed and ravaged places filled with the remains of their former inhabitants.
  • Lich Prison: an isolated floating island above the oceans.
  • Dead Tree: something horrible happened here in the past. A dead memorial to unknown cruelties.



Hostile Mobs:

  • Skeleton Creeper: a faster undead variant of the creeper. It may has lost his destructive powers, but its haunting appearance will blind you.
  • Acolyte: a darker representative of the illager family. If he'll find you, your bones will serve him as a new weapon.
  • Reaper: Ghosts? Here, in a spooky graveyard mod? No... The reaper takes this place.
  • Ghoul: a deformed revenant, hold together only by his rage on the living.
  • Revenant: the animated remains of a once human being.
  • Nightmare: a deformed creature that moves quicker than it seems. Better stay away and never look at it.
  • Wraith: haunting those who dare to desecrate its coffin.
  • Corrupted Illager: a fast undead version of the illagers.


Passive Mobs:

  • Ghouling: summoned by the bone staff, it will only follow its conjurer. Use the staff to command it! And giving it a coffin might help your inventory managment.
  • Nameless Hanged: suffering in eternal pain, the nameless hanged offers rare artifacts.



  • Horde: a large crowd of monsters, spawned at night, with one goal: to find your home and to destroy it.


Blocks and Items:

  • Corruption: ↸ᔑ∷ꖌ ᔑリ↸ ᒷ⍊╎ꖎ ᒲᔑℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ᒷ∷
  • Sarcophagus: a final resting place now turned into storage space.
  • Coffin: a final wooden resting place in all wood variants.
  • Glazed Urn: a beautiful ornated urn, that serves as storage.
  • Small Urn: a simple urn, that serves as storage.
  • Fire Brazier: a dark cryptic iron bowl, displaying soul flames or flames when ignited.
  • Dark Iron Ingot: an ashen version of iron
  • Dark Iron Block: decorative steel-like block
  • Dark Iron Door/Trapdoor: dark version of the iron door and trapdoor, but no need for redstone to open them.
  • Dark Iron Bars: like vanilla iron bars, but dark and matching the theme.
  • Skeletons: a fragile decoration block in many different forms that can be found in graveyard structures.
  • Gravestone: edit the gravestone to create a memorial for your lost minecraft dog or horse.
  • Ceramics: vases to decorate the graveyards (not craftable).
  • Bone Dagger: crafted with bones, this weapon is used in dark rituals. It may also be useful for breaking glass.
  • Ominous Bone Staff Fragment: broken pieces of the bone staff, used to summoned the lich.
  • Altar: the prison of the lich and the place to free it again.
  • Ossuary: allows crafting of skeleton decorations from bone blocks.



 Checkout my youtube channel and/or the discord server for upcoming features, showcases and support of this mod!