Cold Snap Horde

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A WinterJam 2020 Entry

The Cold Snap Horde is a frosty band of misfit snowmen bent on revenge.

Depends on the cartoonish horde library!

The Shorthand Explanation

This mod takes inspiration from the Frost Legion from Terraria. The Horde currently consists of six different member types, with four regional variants for each member. Each regional variant adds it's own list of strengths and weaknesses to the mix. By shaking a snow globe you can call in a horde of these members to attack you, and in accepting this challenge special loot may drop from them.

Interested? Here's some more!

The Snowman Gunner wields a small toy gun that fires coal at unsuspecting victims. He aims for the eyes of victims, sometimes blinding them for a short while. The snowman gunner would be an outstanding marksmen, if he had something better than coal for eyes.

The Snowman Stabber manically runs around with a knife, stabbing villagers, players, and golems alike. When they stare into the eyes of their victims, their cold, emotionless expression can make some feel unwell.

The Snowman Snowballer takes a traditional approach. Like their counter part snow golems, they stick around and throw snowballs at their foes. Unlike snow golems however, the Snowballer fills their snowballs with small rocks, and throws at a faster rate. One bad hit can disorient you briefly. 


The Snowman Gifter never really enjoyed the holidays. He tricks his victims into thinking he is handing out jolly presents, but what's inside the present? Something bone chilling. 


The Snowman Zapper is a resourceful snowman. He takes what he can from his surroundings and makes small devices that smite his foes a few seconds after being placed!

The Snowman Brawler is an angry fellow. He throws his targets out into the distance with a hefty punch

Rarely, these snowmen will drop frost shards. These can be used to infuse snowballs with a little bit of magic energy, or be used later on to replicate one of the snowman's hats.

If you are wearing one of the snowman's top hats, they will not attack you. Just be careful not to take it off in front of them, they won't be fooled by you putting the hat on in their sight.


Can I put this in my modpacks?

Yes. Note that this mod depends on the Cartoonish Horde Library

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