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Nears [Fabric]



The Nears mod adds fruits to the nether.



Mod features:

Nears: Nears Hangs can be found hanging from the ceilings of crimson forests. You can harvest nears that occasionally grow from their stems or harvest the stems to craft crimson planks.

Faars: Faar Growths can be found hanging from warped fungi, once fully grown they will become a bundle of faars, which can be broken into faars, or used to negate fall damage.

Soul Berries: Found in soul sand valleys, you may harvest them like sweet berries.

Cinder Grain: You will find Cinder Grass in the basalt deltas, breaking them will grant you cinder seeds which you can plant on the side of basalt or magma blocks to grow cinder grain.
The grain can be crafted into cinder sangak (a type of bread).



If you want to use this mod in a pack feel free to do it.