Better Beds

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Removes the Block Entity Renderer from the bed and replaces it with the default minecraft model renderer.
This results in increased performance and resourcepack support!

(Completely clientside mod)

But where's the catch, you may ask.
Well, there is almost no catch, everything behaves the same as vanilla.

The only mod that's incompatible so far is Bedspreads, since that mod uses the block entity renderer of the bed.

Also, mods that add custom beds using the default renderer need model files provided for them.

Mods that add beds using a custom block entity renderer are untouched.

Why does the bed use a block entity renderer in the first place?
When beds were added in 1.12, the game was still using the old block id system, which only allowed for a limited amount of ids.
Because 1.12 added many new blocks, the game was running out of ids, so the developers made the bed a block entity + renderer to save ids.
In 1.13 (The Flattening) a new id system was introduced, allowing for an unlimited amount of ids, but the bed block entity and it's renderer weren't touched.


I iNstalLed tHiS mOD bUT iT LoOks tHE sAme aS VaNiLla!

By default this pack includes models that perfectly mimic vanilla behavior, to change the look of the bed,

enable one of the resource packs in the resourcepack selection screen or create your own pack based on these examples.