Enchantment Descriptions

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Enchantment Descriptions


Enchantment Descriptions is a light weight client-side mod which adds descriptions of enchantments to the tooltips of enchanted books. This mod currently has support for all vanilla enchantments, and modded ones will be added over time. 


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Questions and Answers

Can I use this mod on a server?

Yes, this mod will work on a server. It is a client side mod, so it should not be installed on the server. 

Can I use this in my modpack?

Yes, just give credit and link back to this page.

Isn't this already done in WAWLA?

Yes, the feature provided by this mod is directly from my other mod WAWLA. A few people had asked for that feature to be split off into its own mod, as they didn't want the rest of the features. If you install this mod along side WAWLA, WAWLA's version of the feature will deactivate. 

Can I help with mod support?

Yes, go into the config and enable explore mode. This will allow your game to output a list of all missing descriptions to the log file. If you know what those descriptions do, or have contact with the mod author, ask them to provide descriptions using the description format. 

What is the description format?

The description format is how this mod and others with similar features provide descriptions. It involves adding a localization key to the language file. The format is enchantment.MODNAME.ENCHNAME.desc where MODNAME and ENCHNAME are pulled from the String based ID. For example, minecraft:sharpness has a key of enchantment.minecraft.sharpness.desc. 


Planned Features

  • Add JEI support
  • More info, such as what type of enchantment. (armor, helmet, weapon, tool, etc)
  • Min/Max levels






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