Enderite Mod (for Fabric)


Fabric Version

(Forge version at: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/enderite-mod-for-forge)


Some Block and Items

Enderite Mod



 Requires Fabric API




 Architectury required



Cloth Config recommend for in-game Config

Cloth Config requiredhttps://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/cloth-config


 Mod Integrations

Compatible with Shulker box tooltip! (by misterpemodder)


Supports Quick Shulker! (by Kyrptonaught)


Compatible Mods

Enderite Horse Armor

Enderite Horse Armor found in the Netherite Horse Armor Mod! (by P3NG00)



The Enderite Mod adds new armor and tools, which are successors of Netherite tools. Enderite ore can be found in the End and needs to be blown up before it can be mined. You can smelt the ore in a blast furnace to get scraps, which can be craft with diamonds to Enderite Ingots (similar to Netherite). With these ingots you can craft Enderite tools and blocks, which all have the void floating ability.



Void floating ability (Enderite items)

  • no gravity
  • they avoid the void (y<0) and float above it, even after a player fell out of the world
  • fireproof (like netherite)

Void floating enchantment

  • they avoid the void (y<0) and float above it, even after a player fell out of the world
  • tiers are chances of survival in the void damage zone (y < -64): 1: 33%, 2: 66%, 3: 100%

Special items/blocks

  • Enderite Ore: can only be mined with a Netherite Pickaxe after it was cracked through an explosion (heights 12-48 in the End)
  • Enderite Shulker Box: safer and bigger alternative to normal shulker box (survives the void, fireproof, higher blast resistance(up to TNT), 9x5 inventory)
  • Enderite Respawn Anchor: allows respawns in the End (charged with ender pearls)
  • Enderite Sword: Can be charged with ender pearls in the smithing table, lets you teleport with sneak + right click if charged (max charge is 64)
  • Enderite Shield: Can be charged with ender pearls in the smithing table, lets you teleport away your attackers with sneak + block if charged (max charge is 64)
  • Enderite Helmet: prevents Enderman from getting aggressive towards you when looking at them
  • Enderite Elytra Chestplate: Enderite Chestplate fused with the Elytra, provides armor and Eyltra flight
  • Enderite Bow/Crossbow: Are able to shoot Enderman



Scrap from Cracked Enderite Ore (Blast Furnace) to Ingots

REMINDER: Enderite Ore HAS to be cracked by an explosion (e.g. tnt) before it can be mined!

All Enderite tools and armor are upgraded from Netherite in smithing table

Enderite Block, Enderite Shulker Box, Enderite Respawn Anchor

Enderite Sword Charging, Enderite Shield Charging and Enderite Elytra Chestplate

Enderite Bown, Enderite Crossbow, Enderite Shield


Void floating enchantment


Ore TNT Mechanic

 You have to explode the ore first so you can mine it. It will change its appearance to its cracked form, which you can mine with a Netherite Pickaxe.


Spotlight Video

by Flammango


Release for 1.20.4 - v1.5.2

  • Enderite Bows enchanted with Infinity don't require arrows in the inventory (configurable in config)
  • Updated RU translation (thanks to mpustovoi)

Release for 1.20.0/1/2 - (v1.5.0)

  • Architectury API is now needed
  • Added Armor trims
  • Added Enderite Upgrade Smithing Template (found in End Cities)
  • Changed smithing to match new update


Release for 1.19.4 - (v1.4.2)


Release for 1.19.3 - (v1.4.1)

  • updated to 1.19.3
  • updated polish translation
  • bugfixes

Changed Ore Configuration

  • moved from Cloth Config/Mod Menu to datapack
  • changeable in placed_feature and configured_feature folders



New Forge version at: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/enderite-mod-for-forge!



  • ES: CamoloQlo
  • ZH_CH: Samekichi, WuzgXY
  • RU: temac000
  • PL: zealoussentinel512



Enderite Mod is licensed under MIT. The full license can be found in the license file on Github.