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Decorative Blocks




WARNING: As of version 4, the mod has been ported into an actual Forge mod. This will remove any blocks in your world from the MCreator versions.

VERSIONS: 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x, (1.17.x), 1.18.x, 1.19.x

A small mod that adds several new decorative blocks including:

  • Bonfire, toss blaze powder into fire (configurable activator item)
  • Thatch, "fluid" from cutting open a hay bale with shears, remove with hoes
  • Wooden Palisades
  • Wooden Beam Blocks, designed by u/ksym_
  • Brazier
  • Chandelier, reverse craft-able with 4 torches
  • Rocky Dirt, reverse craft-able with 4 dirt
  • Stone Pillar
  • Big Chain, climbable
  • Bar Panel, trapdoor
  • Lattice, trapdoor
  • Wooden Seats, right-click to sit
  • Wooden Supports
  • Soul Fire Variants of Bonfire, Brazier and Chandelier(1.16)


  • (1.18+) Seats and Supports have additional states, pressing shift on the items show tooltips.



Winter Addon : Decorative Winter
Fluid Thatch support & Villages : Thatched for fluid thatch variants of Upgrade Aquatic, Bamboo blocks, Neapolitan, Environmental blocks. (1.16.1 & 1.16.4)


   Biomes O' Plenty in the main mod (until 1.16)
   Decorative Blocks Compat for support for Biomes O'Plenty
   Decorative Blocks Modded Compat (Different Project by evo-934) : Adds support for Endergetic Expansion, Upgrade Aquatic, Autumnity, Environmental, Bayou Blues, Abundance (1.16.1 & 1.16.4) 

Woodcutting recipe support : Woodcutter 

Farmer's Delight support : Farmers Delight Integration(by iku_tv)